Launcher3 is using up my battery


added 5g data 464 mg left

Issue Description

Phone is using up battery really fast.

how can I tell if stuff is running in the background? From what I see, Chrome and Launcher2 are the top users.

Not sure which launcher, but This Launcher 3 shows it was updated Mar 4 2020 … so I would suggest that you check Google Play for updates and install them if found

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oh - good idea!

I found the app that says Launcher3 and has a house. It does not have a > between the r and the 3. When I go to my apps, it will only allow a force stop, and says if you force stop an app, it may misbehave. I do not see a way to update or to uninstall, and then reinstall.
Not sure what this app does control. Maybe my google home mini, since the logo looks similar to the google home?

Without a link to the App in Google Play, I am unable to identify the one you are using.
I would suggest that you use Google Play to see if there is an update available … here’s how

  • Ensure your at home and near your WiFi
    Find image it is either on your home screen or in the :appsicon: App Drawer where all your apps show.
    2. Tap the :menu: Menu top Left
    3. Tap My apps & games
    4. Tap the Updates Tab 2nd row left
    5.- Google will scan to see if there any updates available. If there are, you can either update individually or Update All
    • If there is an app for your Launcher3 available it will show and you can then update it
  • If there is no update for Launcher3, then I would delete and re-install … or just delete and see what doesn’t work
    • To Delete … find the app on one of your Hope pages, and drag the Icon to the top of the page. You should have two options avail, Remove & Uninstall … you want to ‘Uninstall’

As an alternative, if you can find your Launcher 3 in Google Play … just copy the link and paste it in your update. Then either I or some other member will install and see what it is supposed to be doing and check to see if it is impacting our battery usage

Launcher3 is the name of the standard launched in AOSP. Motorola has adopted it on all their phones. It is the built-in launcher that comes with the phone and not something that was downloaded.

It is not possible to do this. It is part of the stock image.

That’s correct as this built-in app is what creates and manages your home screen and the functioning of the phone. You can go to Storage and then clear cache and restart the phone to see if that has any impact.

Nope, it is your home screen, widgets, app drawer, etc. It is your interface to the phone.


Ok, I have always considered a day as a ‘success’ if I learn something new, so thanks to @louisdi, I would have to call this a success (for me anyway :slight_smile: )
So please forgive me for leading you down a wrong path

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Hi @dianeo.x8l6kz,

Are you still having trouble with your battery?

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