Leadership needed

@robert.currie Your absence is quite noticeable. We need a pep talk to encourage and keep us at Republic. A leader needs to lead and be in the trenches with the rest of the troops. I’ve been with Republic for eight years now, and haven’t regretted a single day. I always felt like the Leadership was working hand-glove with us to produce the best possible outcome for everyone involved. We need some insight from you and we need it NOW!

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I appreciate your efforts to summon Rob. I’ve already indicated he’s planning to post, so this is not really necessary. I would like to point out, though, that he is very much, leading, and “in the trenches.” There’s no lack of leadership going on. He’s involved in managing the transition, working with the engineering and operations teams to make sure every issue is resolved. I’d personally rather his focus be exactly where it is. That’s why the company depends on me to talk to our Community members.

Forgive me for not having this top of mind, but is there a particular issue you need help with?


Good heavens! I leave this insane country for a couple of weeks with my head buried in ice and snow in a far off Canadian woods to restore my faith in humanity and come back to some new company and more budding conspiracy theories! The answer is, “NO”, I haven’t been paying attention here for months. And here’s some guy’s post asking if there is a fearless leader leading! Do you really think Southpaw would still be here if things were going south? Dude! She’s the canary in the coal mine!


I agree with @seniorgeek .

@southpaw, kudos to you for everything you are doing to help members get back on the right track…but we need some statement acknowledging this one-yard-line fumble with the 5.0 launch and what kind of corrective actions are being put in place to shore up member confidence?

I find it very disturbing that you are working night and day when you should actually be on vacation…and we can’t get engineering teams from the other side to get these issues sorted out in a timely manner for members.

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How do we know she isn’t a zombie who is surviving by eating brains at Republic which might explain how this launch has gone?

Hi @amitl,

The engineering teams have been working night and day - more hours than I’ve worked. They’ve made great progress, knocking out a lot of the issues and completing a lot of activations for our members. Unfortunately, the success stories don’t often make it into Community.

They continue to work on resolving the issues that are facing some of our current members.

This is not the first time we’ve seen issues at Republic Wireless that seem (from Community clamor) insurmountable. We will get these issues resolved and we will make things right for the affected members. Sometimes we can’t provide details as to exactly how we plan to do so, because some people would try to game the situation to benefit from it.

We will fix what is broken for members trying to upgrade to 5.0. We will make billing corrections that are fair to those affected. It has been a difficult transition, but we will get through this. We appreciate those who are granting us a very generous amount of patience, and for those whose circumstances do not allow them to keep waiting for fixes and who must look for service elsewhere, we sincerely hope they’ll consider coming back to Republic once this chapter is behind us.