Leaving republic and transferring number : NEW CARRIER


I am changing to xfinity mobile which has allowed me to get an iPhone which i need to coordinate my apple calendar. The monthly charge is comparable with more data for me, better camera and more coordination.

Have loved REPUBLIC but it is time to go. However, it has been 5 days. My number transfer for asked for 5/25/17. Still on 5/30/17 nothing has happened. How long could this take? Anyone do this? What is longest, what is shortest. I want to move forward.


Hi @mindy

Number transfers or ‘porting’ is highly automated and mandated by the FCC.

Here is a document that may provide some insight…


Sorry to see you go, but best wishes… :slight_smile:


Ask Xfinity for the Firm Order Commitment (FOC) date. If they do not have one then they need to see what error they got. If they have one they should give it to you. It is a date and time.


You need to work with your new carrier. They are largely responsible for the date. Republic simply responds that they are able to meet the date that the new carrier requests. Ask for a porting specialist. Ask for the FOC date.


thanks it finally all worked out.