Leaving Republic. Will be warning my social network to stay away

I’ve been a Republic customer since beta wave 2 but the current state of the service can no longer be tolerated. My phone constantly disconnects for no reason. On WiFi, sitting right next to my router, it just randomly drops and reconnects almost hourly, sometimes more. Everything else on the network is fine. And on 3g, forget about it, the phone is unusable as it won’t maintain a connection for longer than a minute. And they STILL haven’t fixed the echo after all these years.

I had a health scare earlier in the week where I was trying to call emergency services and couldn’t because the phone kept dropping service. It has gone from moderate annoyance to potentially life threatening. Flat out unacceptable.

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Well if things are as bad as you say, then leaving is the only rational thing to do. Fortunately for me, the issues I have experienced aren’t even close to what you are experiencing.

However, I am coming around to the idea of not putting all my phones with one carrier. When one of the phones dies, then I will make that change.

Good luck with your new carrier.


First off, I hope your feeling better! Thanks for sticking with RW so long but do you realize 3.0 sprint is on the horizon. This can be the game changer to fix the issues you have now. I don’t see what phone you have but has the community try helping e issues for you? RW is going to have another breakout year & issues get fixed slowly but admit today is better than the Defy days. I can’t make anyone stay, do what’s best for yourself although I want to see 3.0 Sprint. I hear it pretty good in testing right now.

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Hi @justinf.4tckfa,

The issues you describe aren’t common to all of our subscribers and suggest either some conflicting apps, a tired phone, a Wi-Fi network that might need some optimizing, or all of the above. I don’t see that you’ve submitted a support ticket to troubleshoot any of these issues with our support team.

Would you have any interest in trying to work through the issues here in Community or with our support team? You’ve been a Republic Wireless member for a very long time, and we’d love the opportunity to explore the issues you’re experiencing to see if there’s anything we can do to improve your Republic Wireless experience.

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@southpaw@rw has some good suggestions.

It may also be an issue with your phone rather than RW’s service. I recently had to replace a 2 1/2 year old Moto X1 due to hardware problems with the phone. If your phone is x# of years old and you haven’t recently changed to a 3.0 phone/plan with different coverage that doesn’t work well in your area it could be time to get a replacement phone. If that’s the case please blame the Moto brand.

I have an Ooma home VoIP phone. I have lousy hearing and prefer it at home. If you have their basic service, there is only a few dollars a month tax to pay. I’ve seen them on sale for under a hundred dollars as will probably be true on cyber Monday…

If I had an emergency, my cell phone might be misplaced or forgotten in the car. And with Ooma, you can plug a cordless base unit into Ooma and have as many cordless phone as you want in the house.

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@justinf.4tckfa ,

I have an Asus notebook that is acting the same way. If I turn WiFi off and back on it connects but then disconnects after 5 or 10 minutes. I’ve experienced this on two different networks. All of my other devices remain connected. It worked fine for 10 months (it is still under warranty) before it began acting up a few days ago. Perhaps the problem was caused by a group of eight Windows 10 updates I just installed, perhaps the wireless card is failing.

This isn’t a cell phone, and it has nothing to do with Republic Wireless. I only mention it because your problem, like mine, could be a failing phone or a software update and have nothing at all to do with Republic Wireless.


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Today only, Ooma systems are for sale on Woot for $69 and on Amazon deals of the day for $63. A fantastic deal. One of them comes with a Lynx which costs another $50.

Go for it. And recommend it to both of the people on your social network, too.


Frankly, your picture suggests that even with a chance of rescue, they choose certain doom?

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