Leaving Republic Wireless


I’ve been a member since January 29th, 2015 with the Moto E 1st Gen with the 1.0 Republic plan. Things were fine. I was satisfied with the service and at roughly 13 a month it just couldn’t be beat.

Then, the Republic 2.0 Refund plans came and I essentially only paid for what I used. An excellent incentive for a company that wished users to use WiFi first. At around this point, I was outgrowing my Moto E. I use GPS a lot due to my work and it was laggy, sometimes enough to miss a turn. It was also stuck in KitKat 4.4 so no more new app updates for me. Not only that, but since it only had 2GB storage space with most of it being the OS, I constantly had to do an ‘app shuffle’. Ugh. Also, no Pokemon Go.

Republic still had a very limited selection of phones, so I began to look elsewhere with dreamy eyes. Damn, though. That price that went anywhere between 15 to rarely 20 still couldn’t be beat. I stayed.

Then, the new 3.0 plans came with a bunch of new phones. My palms got a little sweaty and my knees got weak. This was it, my chance to retire my Moto E and go for something that I could use as my daily driver. I read all the changes for the 3.0 plans, and honestly? I was a bit… confused. A flat rate and ‘simplified’ plans because apparently ‘the people wanted it’? Wut.

I don’t frequent these forums unless I had a problem, but even then it sounded weird to me. Who in the blazing balls that was in this community ‘wanted that’? Seemed to go against their WiFi first thing they had going for them, because now I wanted to use all the data that I paid for. Sigh, oh well. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad? With heavy arms, I bought my Nexus 6p, chose the 1GB option, and went on my way.

The bill comes to about 25 a month, and I used it for about four months. Funny how fast 1GB goes when you stop giving a toss how you use it. Hell, the RW app for the 3.0 plans didn’t seem to care, either. There was no longer a way to stop apps from using cell data with a quick toggle. Sure, there’s a way to do that with stock Android, but it felt clunky since there were more menus to go through and it doesn’t completely restrict it from cell data.

My first month of usage had me running out before my bill cycle. Whoops. Guess I had to put in some care. After some research, I got the app NoRoot Firewall and I was finally able to restrict apps from cell data when I didn’t need them. With this in place, I managed to time my usage to where I used it all on the day of my billing cycle. Unfortunately, I started to develop a taste for mom’s spaghetti-, er, I mean… cellular data.

Now at month four/five of the new 3.0 plan, I made the decision to port my old number from Republic to Metro PCS since their lowest plan is 30, which isn’t much of a step up from the 25 I was paying. They even have a promo going on right now, and instead of data being cutoff, they just move you to a slower speed. Kinda like the old 1.0 plans.

Anyways, that’s my saga and I will be continuing my cellular journey over at Metro. The path will be fraught with danger but luckily I did not go alone.

I got my sword.


Hi @donnap.sckjg0,

Thank you for taking the time to write about your experience with us and for the valuable feedback about your decision to leave. I’ll make sure your voice is heard within​ our office walls.

We’ll continue looking for ways to add value to our service, so please keep an eye on us, and perhaps one day we’ll be lucky enough to win you back.


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I will be doing the same , leaving Republic, if by the holidays I don’t see better plans. I am one of the original subscribers and had been happy with the 1.0 plans, then they change to 2.0 and would have been paying more if I had stayed with my plan so I downgraded and stayed with Republic. Now there is no way for me to downgrade with the 3.0 plans, the cheapest plan with data would double what I pay now, which in my state is about $26 a month, for $4 more I can get 4 times of what I have on Metro PCS or I can get the same 2GB data for $15 on Mint (prepaid for one year).
Like I said before I will be waiting till the holidays and if by then I don’t see a better option of what is out there I will be leaving. I came to Republic to save money now there are less expensive options available.


I love RW, but a family member can add our 2 lines to his plan for 40¢ each (and has extra phones we can use). What do I need to do to notify RW when we switch? I did the password thing so we’ll be able to port over.

Sorry this is a “reply” but I didn’t see an option to create a new post in this section.

And I’ll always recommend RW highly. <3 Thanks!


Sorry to hear that you are moving on from RW. Hopefully, RW will be able to re-earn your patronage at a future time.

You don’t have to notify anything to RW. Just don’t manually cancel your service…it will automatically cancel when your port is completed to the new carrier. If the cancellation happens in the middle of a billing cycle then you will get a pro-rated refund for the remaining days in your billing cycle.

All the instructions that you need are in this help document.


Thanks (and whoops, I should have thanked you earlier). New wrinkle: only the main phone (mine) in my account will be leaving RW. Does this pose any problem? Automatic billing will still be through the same bank account, but at some point I will probably change the email address associated with the account.



I don’t remember the last time I heard about phones being a primary line in an account. You and your account should be fine if you move your personal number to another service while other phone numbers remain on the account. As you said, nothing will change and the system will continue to bill you for the services that still remain though Republic (other lines if you have any)

You can change the information on the account to update who the primary user will be so they can have an easier time managing the account and chatting with support if needed.


Thanks. Not sure where I got that idea! Love RW, but I have to move my line. :-/


I think @happywillow0 has adequately responded to your query…but just to close out this thought…

Your email address is the only thing that determines the primary or assigned users on a given account. Only the primary account holder…whoever has access to the primary email address and related RW password…has the master permissions to make changes on that account such as updating billing information, credit card on file or plan changes for all phones on that account.

You do need a phone number associated with your account which you set using the account portal at

Account Settings -> Profile -> Contact Phone Number…

but that number does not have to be an RW number. So if you port that number out…it can still be your Contact Phone Number. My recommendation would be to keep it lined up with whatever number is on file with the credit card that you use to pay for the service.


Okay, will do. Thanks!


I am leaving republic I liked it very much / I need leave NOW.

Please know i enjoyed it. Please STOP so payment. NOW

Let know when.



Hi @edr,

Please know Republic’s Community is a public Internet forum. Most of us (myself included) are customers doing our best to help other customers. Staff does drop in from time to time, however, account specific actions aren’t done here.

By design, canceling Republic service is self-serve. Republic documents the process here: How to Cancel Your Service – Republic Help.

Please note if you’re transferring your number to another service provider; do not cancel service before that transfer is complete. Doing so will, likely cause that transfer to fail and risks the loss of your number. Transferring your number to another service provider will automatically cancel the line of service for that phone at Republic. You will receive notification via email from Republic to that effect.


i too will be leaving rw though have been thoroughly satisfied with the company and its awesome community help forum (shoutouts to southpaw drm186 louisdi)!!! been here since 2013 with the original moto x, moto x2, and the moto xpe whose battery has failed.

so have been busy shopping todays phones because im moving on from motorola products and their infrequent updates and would never buy a samsung phone because of the bloatware and skin over stock android and won’t wait to see if the pixel 2xl price drops (doubting it would drop enough too!). researching carriers too and finding very comparable plans in price with the ability to bring any ‘unlocked gsm phone’… thnx rw!

will update what phone and carrier if anyone is interested lol… if indeed i leave but #PrimeDay is tomorrow and my moto xpe needs replacing


Well, given that you’ve ruled out Samsung, Motorola and Google, I would be curious to know what manufacturer’s phone interests you? Would a refurbished Pixel 2 XL at $499 pique your interest: https://www.bestbuy.com/site/google-geek-squad-certified-refurbished-pixel-2-xl-with-64gb-memory-cell-phone-just-black-verizon/6230086.p?skuId=6230086? If the only objection to Moto is the software update frequency, you might consider the Android One Moto X4 as software updates for that are controlled by Google not Motorola,


lol… are u in violation?

Jun '17
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I don’t see how. Republic doesn’t sell the Pixel 2, so I’m not linking to a competitor’s website, which I believe is the concern. :slightly_smiling_face: You’ll note I didn’t provide a direct link to the Android One Moto X4 as Republic does sell a variant of the X4 (not the Android One variant).


looks like im staying with what i know!:grinning:… moto z3 play and rw! thnx roland but im shy of refurbishes and all the phones with a larger screen that interested me in the mid-range were international only or just a bit more than my budget.


I have gotten a new job, unfortunately, they have no wifi to use personal phones on. Only allow their own business devices on their wifi. They also only have 10 meg ISP service, so any bandwidth is pretty much all in use.

This puts me in a pickle…i may be using LTE data alot more soon, but even so, R.W. is still quite cheap, at $5 per 1GB. $80-$90 range is where it seems the “Unlimited” carriers price point is at. Fi is my other alternative, but doing the math, i hit $80 at 6GB usage on Fi, (but can go to 15GB before they throttle). R.W, 6GB would cost me $45. I would be at 13GB when i hit $80 mark with R.W.

Just gonna have to see how much data I start using and how I can mange myslef. Since I wont have access to high speed Internet over wifi(or on my workstation) to stream or download things for offline viewing during lunch break, I may end up having to go the “unlimited” route if i start pushing 15GB+ usage.

EDIT: Looks like I’m good actually. There is a decent strength “Xfinity wifi” open wifi in range that is working fine now. Its slow, like, 10megs, but its wifi!