Leaving Republic

I will be switching to TMobile from Republic. The customer service via phone is the absolutely worst in the world. I am currently on hold, and have been for over ten minutes. This is my THIRD time trying to get through to them. It’s just not that hard to drive 2 miles to talk to an actual person. Why the ■■■■ doesn’t Republic hire more people?

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Steve… I’ve not used the live support via phone service at Republic and so can’t address that.

However, I’ve found that posting a question in the community forums and/or asking a question to some very knowledgeable Republic members has resulted in very timely info/answers I need.

If you haven’t tried the Community or asking knowledgeable members, I suggest you give those a try. They have sure worked for me.


Hi @stevefoodservice,

Welcome to our member Community. I’m sorry to see that your first visit here is to describe a negative experience. We’d be glad to see if we can help you with the question you have, if you’ve still not been able to get an answer over the phone.

We also continue to offer help by Help Ticket and online chat. Help Tickets are nice, because you don’t have to wait on hold for an available agent. You can send your ticket and go about your business while our Help Team researches your issue and sends you a reply.

Our Community is always glad to assist with general questions about our phones, our service, and our policies.