Leaving Shortly

I believe I started service with RW back in April 2015 and regret to advise I’ll be leaving RW shortly for Google Fi. My aging Pixel 2 smartphone is overdue for replacement and Google Fi has an extremely attractive subscription plan for their Pixel 5A phone which will be released on 8/26. I submitted a pre-order and my phone should arrive between 8/28 and 8/31. I know I’ll likely pay a few bucks more per month for my service but the subscription plan savings more than makes up for that. My wife has been on Google Fi for about 4 years now and has been happy with their service area coverage. And I like the fact that their Flexible Data Plan allows you to pay for only the data that you use, a feature that we used to have with RW but was discontinued a couple of years ago with their My Choice plans. Hopefully, customer service with Fi will be comparable to RW. RW’s customer service model with the Community, Chat and Expert service has served me well during my time here. A special shout out to Southpaw who was especially helpful and responsive! Wishing you all the best!


Hi @etphonehome,

Thank you for the kind (though heartbreaking) words. I hope you’ll keep an eye on Republic Wireless and that perhaps you’ll wind up back with us sometime in the future. It’s always fun to welcome former members back!

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