Leaving The Sinking Ship

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Christmas Day, I got my Republic Wireless new Phone. At the time I was cruising on the old Republic Wireless and wasn’t keeping up with changes because when something works…well…why mess with it. Jeez, wish I could ask DISH CEO that. But I can’t. I can say that when I attempted to Activate the phone on Christmas, I got nothing but failure. So, I called for help and the Tech said that they were working on issues with current members not being able to activate their phones. Current members, you know, the people who should rate more than the newbies. Anyway, I called the next day and was told there was no description of the issue, no estimates on fixing it, I just had to subscribe to an email list and I would be told when a resolution for the nondescript problem was fixed. Next day, same thing.
At that point I decided that this was amazingly peculiar from the Company that was so awesome for that many years and started Googling because it smelled to me like when I was with Nextel and Sprint bought it. To Kill it. I certainly found out that not only did DISH buy a great company but like many companies before them they found it necessary to change what worked.
I will be honest. I had Republic and Straight Talk before that because I am extremely against Service Plans and thus, I will not use any of the big carriers. So, it wasn’t hard for me to drop Republic like I did Straight Talk. It was different though. I would never have made a message on their forum. They were a low end provider that really didn’t seem like a family. Republic did. So, my leaving is all business but it doesn’t change the fact that I cared for Republic and am sad to see what DISH is doing to it. Plans that only allow 2 phones? What is that? The articles I read online were not positive about the changes.
Finally, my intention here is not to bash Republic. Unless I am wrong and all these changes come from within. To be clear, again, I just bought a new Republic Phone, as I have done in the past, to activate and use. It wasn’t until I ran into an unexplainable mess that I jumped ship. I am only leaving this message in hopes that whoever made this mess of a Great Company might take it to heart and cease what they are doing. Even though that’s probably as likely as me winning the lottery.


The water may look refreshing and clean but you may not be considering that once you jump in you may be exposed to stingrays (Boo-st), sharks (Verizon) and sharp coral (of a number of species, not all hazardous). And that’s not all, just a quick sample of what’s out there.

There is an old saying: Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t. I am biased in favor of RW in case it’s not apparent; My advice is to look first lest your leap leave you worse off than your current position.

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You are exactly right. Republic did the same thing to me and now I am without a working phone. Republic support has lied to me more than once about the severity of this issue!

The best thing to do is go to another carrier.


It’s quite apparent.

There’s a world of quality competitors out there.

This isn’t 2012 any more.


And thank you for welcoming me to the future! (Well, the present actually…)

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Hi @dominicr.b876qn,

I’m sorry to learn that you’ve had to leave us. I hope you’ll keep an eye on us and consider coming back once we return to smooth sailing. I really don’t think of Republic Wireless as a sinking ship, but simply one that is currently passing through some turbulent waters, as we’ve done before. We’ll get through this, and things will get better.

Thank you for your time with us and for your kind thoughts about the service you’ve received over the years.


Have no doubt. I will do that. I never felt pressured or was disappointed by surprise fees. I never had an incorrect bill or any problems at Republic until now. As a Sailor, I can tell you that a sinking ship is just one that has sprung a leak. It’s not fatal unless it is ignored or too big. It is my hope that it’s not big and your response indicates it’s not ignored.



I’m sticking with Republic along with the annual plan + 1GB per month = $200 for a YEAR, along with great customer support.


Like you, we have been with RW for over 6 years and have always been very happy with them. Also like you, we will be moving our business to another carrier. Here’s why…We’ve had 6 lines with RW. One of our phones is quite old and I needed to replace it before it died. When I contact RW to order a new phone it became a huge mess. I was told that I couldn’t simply swap out a new phone for the old one and keep my current plan. Instead, I’d be required to change my plan from 1 account with 6 lines to 3 accounts with 2 lines each. This would require me to set up 3 separate email accounts with them, where I would receive 3 separate bills, and have to make 3 separate payments each month. I mean this is simply CRAZY! I like things simple. If that wasn’t reason enough to move my business, the “expert” I was chatting with was very rude…again, something I had never experienced with RW before. It’s sad, but I guess it’s time. RW saved me a lot of money over the years AND they offered me a terrific product. I guess it’s true when they say that all good things must come to an end. RW ended their outstanding commitment to their customers so we’re ending our loyal commitment to them. :frowning:


Another triumph of marketing!


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I’m with you, we have been with RW for the last 10 years, and now have 10 lines with them. When I learned about the changes, that we will eventually have to split them out into 5 separate accounts with 2 lines each, I knew the end was coming. It was a good run, and I’m truly sad to leave RW after all this time. I just can’t imagine how it makes any sense to do it that way, but the damage is done and it sounds like the decision is final. So, goodbye RW. It was great while it lasted.


We’re very sad that we, too, have to leave after being with RW for over ten years now. We have ten lines, and it simply makes no sense for us to have to split these out into 5 different accounts with 5 different email addresses. I can’t imagine the logic behind that decision, but it sounds like it’s a done deal. It was great while it lasted, but sadly it’s come to an end.


I, too, was a loyal customer for several years and was unaware of any issues until I tried to access the website before Christmas and it was under construction. Next I couldn’t sign into my account because my email address wasn’t valid. I have had the same Gmail address for more than a decade and was seriously upset by that. Once I dove in to investigate Republic’s “new” policies I decided it was time to jump ship. But now I am told my Pin isn’t valid and my transfer cannot be completed. This leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It’s a shame. I wonder how many they will ultimately lose?


I had the same experience when going to the login page and clicking “login” in the top black bar but got it to work when clicking the blue login bar in the middle of the page. I think both work now.

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If you see a pop-up box that looks like this after clicking the “Account” link in the black bar at the top, do NOT try to sign in to it. Just tap to cancel that and log in to the screen behind it.


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Hi @didymus11,

I’m sorry we’re no longer a good fit for your family’s needs. I’ve got a pretty big extended family whose phones I manage, and I agree, it’ll be kind of complicated having them all spread out two by two, but I’m going to give it a try.

Thank you for your time with us, and I hope one day maybe we’ll get to welcome you back.

Hi @valeried.iqee26,

I’m sorry to learn you had trouble accessing your account. We had a place in the app that was pointing to the wrong login page, and we’ve since fixed that.

I’ve taken a look at your account and can see why your port-out is saying your PIN isn’t valid. Have you opened a Help Ticket? Our Help Team would be glad to assist you.

“Jumping” is not needed any longer - by any service provider that I checked. All offer some trial time - free of charge. Also, Consumer Reports has reduced its Republic rating due the recent changes. Also, pricing has changed throughout the marketplace. Republic is no longer a price leader in any plan. After 9 years and 4 lines, I must also consider the options. Please keep me informed of improvements - I would love to come back - but to a calmer and less costly environment.

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