Left republic wireless for Verizon not receiving texts

What phone do you have?
Moto g4 (former phone I had with republic wireless) current phone samsung s8 on Verizon plan

What plan are you on?
None. My number was successfully ported to Verizon, however it is still receiving text messages even though it isn’t activated.

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
It was the 5gb/30.00 plan but I’ve switched to Verizon.

My family is still with Republic wireless, I had to switch because the service was too spotty for the type of business and personal calls I need to make. I was with republic since unlimited beta times and no it’s not something that could be ‘fixed’ by getting help from you here. I was always pining for the call quality I had with Verizon but the great price kept me with republic for so long. The call quality has always been sub standard compared to my experience with Verizon. I really hated to go and wanted to be loyal but couldn’t deal with the terrible call quality any longer.

Now that I’m gone, the moto g4 phone I had while with republic is still receiving text messages… even though my service is turned off with republic and my number has successfully been ported to Verizon. I’m fairly confident it’s not an issue on Verizon’s end, it seems like an issue with the hidden number and using my phone number as voip/landline. Something got broken along the line and I really need it fixed.

What could be causing this phenomenon where my deactivated phone is still receiving texts from people with voip type cell service like Republic wireless and it’s also happening with google fi customers, not just RW.
Thanks for your help!

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Issue Description

I think you’ll likely have to open a ticket or send an e-mail to help@republicwireless.com to get this resolved. There is likely some internal routing of your text messages still taking place with one of Republic Wireless’s partners. If your number port to Verizon took place very recently (< 3 days ago), it’s possible the problem may cure itself.

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In theory, a deactivated phone with no phone number attached should not be receiving text messages even if a routing issue is involved.

@sarab.skjes7, if the messages in question are being received on your deactivated Republic phone when it’s connected to WiFi, you may need to disable Google’s chat features on your deactivated Republic phone as described here:

I never had this feature that I was aware of, or used it. I will try it and open a ticket if it doesn’t work. Thanks!

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The number ported over on Monday. I expected some issues with messages while the port happened but not after. Rw said when I initiated the change that until they closed my account both phones would receive messages and work at the same time and to be patient, but once my rw phone was deactivated everything should work properly on the one phone. Trying the fix below before opening a ticket though I don’t think I ever used the feature for Google to text instead of sms.

It’s entirely possible chat features were enabled without you specifically doing so. Are you having issues receiving all text messages on your Verizon phone or just some?

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The information from @cbwahlstrom was previously marked as ‘Solved’ … as the possible cause being Chat was not known to me. Once you determine what the fix was for you, you can mark the comment that fixed it or one of the Ambassadors will mark it based on the feedback you provide

Just some messages, not all are missing. It seems to be only Voip users like rw and Google fi that aren’t getting through so I’ll try the fix soon as I can. Can’t try until the old phone gets enough of a charge, but that’s another issue not fixable by rw. It’s kind of permanently dead but every once in a while I can get it to hold enough of a charge to turn it on for a while. Suspect corrosion in the charging port.

Is there another way to turn that feature off if I can’t get the old phone to turn on again?

Hi @sarab.skjes7,

There is:

Thanks! Will wait to see if it works, it said it can take some time to reflect the changes. I really wish the call quality of RW had been better, I love this company and will definitely miss the ease of getting tech support questions answered snappy. Y’all in the RW community here are the best and have been the most helpful and responsive bunch I’ve ever encountered relating to tech help. Thank you!

Edited to add that the remote option just provided worked after a restart I’m receiving my mom’s messages, thanks!

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Confident this response would have worked too if my phone would turn on.

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