Legacy Phones and the lack of Android Updates

I knew that my phone (Moto X) would not be updated beyond Android 5.1. But in reading this forum, I realized that I have not been receiving any security patches either. I’ve been receiving other updates, so I guess I never thought about not receiving security updates for my version of Android. I must admit, this makes me feel a little uneasy. Is there anything that can be done to boost the security of phones utilizing older versions of Android?

Unfortunately, the simple answer is, not really. You can obviously be smart, don’t download Apps from untrusted sources, don’t click links in email from people you don’t know, etc. But there isn’t anything you can do about exploits that may exist that aren’t patched (although most aren’t readily exploited).


Thanks for the reply. I figured that was the case. I’m not a big app downloader anyway and would use the Google Play Store when I do. I only do casual browsing on public wifi. I guess I’ll have to live with it and use common sense until I switch to a new phone.

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I did a little research since my original post. I discovered this article from April 2017 that discussed the safety of using older smartphones. It gives one something to think about, particularly those of us using smartphones with unsupported operating systems. :scream:

When Does an Old Smartphone Become Unsafe to Use?

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