Letter from the CEO: Announcing even more savings with an annual payment option

Republic Wireless was born in 2011 with the mission to provide simple and affordable ways for families to stay in touch. Since that time, our members have saved over $500 million by switching to Republic. With their savings, they’ve put gas in their cars, saved for down payments on houses, taken epic vacations, paid for their weddings, adopted children, and more.

The time has come for us to save you even more money. I’m excited to share that we will soon be offering a new way for you to pay for your Republic Wireless cell phone service. Many of you have been asking for an option to prepay for your service for a discount, and it’s because of your feedback that we are making this exciting change.

Starting tomorrow, May 9, 2019, you’ll have the option to pay upfront for your My Choice phone service—getting 12 months for the price of 10. That’s 2 months of free service. What will you do with these extra savings? If you choose to switch to this prepay option, you’ll still have the flexibility each month to add more data beyond your base plan from anywhere, at any time, straight through your phone for just $5 per GB.

I want to thank you for being a part of our Republic Wireless family. Your enthusiasm, support, and feedback are critical to shaping who we are and what we do. Please don’t ever stop sharing your stories and experiences with us, and we promise to continue to look for additional ways to deliver industry leading value.

Thank you,

Chris Chuang, Co-Founder and CEO


Sounds great. But what happens if I decide to end my service with you? Do I get a rebate on my unused months of payments?


Does this only apply to those paying ahead for data? What if I only have the basic cell + wifi option? Can I still get 12 months for the price of 10?


Will this take the beta discount into account for those who have it? If so, I’ll happily sign up for this tomorrow.


Does this new prepay option work with teachers already on the teacher plan?

Moderator’s note: please be advised that we no longer accept new applications to receive the Educator’s discount


This is a nice option but what about rolling over unused data? It was an option when I had the old Moto but I was forced to upgrade to my current plan when I switched to Samsung. I’m on wi-fi 90% of the time, but there are months in which I could use that unspent data from other months that I’d already paid for. I feel ripped off when I have to pay additional $5 for 1 gig of data when my previous months’ unused data adds up to well over 5 gigs.


Hi @donaldm.l2akk1,

Great question, and one that shows you are a savvy shopper! This is a non-refundable annual payment option. Details are available in the Annual Payment Plan section of our help article at:


So at ~$25/month (with taxes, etc.) for service, that’s $250/year. That’s pretty good.
But my refund plan, averaging $15/month, comes out to around $180/year, so a loss of $70. Not so good.
Maybe if you had a 0.5GB option, or better yet, not have to pay for data you don’t use, then I’d definitely hop on board.


Wow. Just wow. Can’t wait to pre-pay and save another $40 a year per line. That’s a great deal all around, especially since I didn’t think there was any way to actually save any more on my cell service at this point.



Congratulations on the success of Republic. I truly enjoy this phone service and I look forward to switching to this prepaid option tomorrow.


Great option! Looking forward to signing up. I’ve been a satisfied member since 2011, and the service has only gotten better and better. So, I’m not going anywhere. Might as well take advantage of the prepay discount :grin:


Hi @lucask.89avwu,

It’s good to see you in our Community again! Any size of the My Choice plan, whether it includes data or not, is eligible for Annual Prepay. Our legacy Republic Refund and “Unlimited” plans are not.


This makes sense.


Wow, can’t wait to sign up tomorrow. I love this company and community, keep it up!!


What happens if I stay with Republic but switch phones mid-year. Will my remaining months of service transfer to the new phone along with my number?


Hi @citan359 and @terrenceg.mazrks,

Welcome to our Member Community!

Existing discounts such as Beta Member Discount are applied toward the purchase price when you pay annually. Otherwise, you’d end up paying more, and we wouldn’t want that!


Hi @rosab,

Thanks for the feedback. Today’s announcement does not change our policy toward data usage. With data pricing at $5 per GB and this additional savings, we feel there’s value in this plan even without a rollover option.


So on my current plan my phone is still on the original $10 plan but my wife’s phone is on the $15 plan. Would I need to upgrade to the $15 plan in order for the entire bill to be pre-paid, or can we pre-pay since one of the two lines is the $15 plan? Or pre-pay for hers but not mine?

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I don’t feel “ripped off” because I think the prices are very reasonable, but a carry over option would be super nice and is “on brand” with the “wifi first” mindset.


How about prepay for the refund plan?

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