Letter of credit?

Would Republic wireless offer a letter of credit for users?

Durham water/sewer wants a 24 month letter of credit stating that the customer is a reliable payer of bills to avoid paying a deposit. Duke power only offers 12 months, and TWC chat support is mostly clueless mentioning you can look up your last 6 months of bills…

Yes/No, if yes, who would I email to get this sent to me?


if they do or not will have to be answered by Support (we ae just fellow customers)


Are you talking about this?

Are you trying to avoid the $100 deposit?

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Hi @mooseunc,

We can’t provide a credit reference because we are prepaid, and we don’t report to credit agencies. However, it sounds like you need something indicating whether you have paid your bill in a timely manner for the last 24 months. If you’ll open a support ticket, we may be able to confirm your payment history for you to help out with this.


That’s exactly what I’m trying to avoid if I can. I figure I might as well and try to keep what little interest I would get vs letting the city get the interest. Every little bit counts, hence the switch to Republic for cell :wink:


Thanks Southpaw, I didn’t want to just open up a support ticket without asking around first. I figure they are busy enough as it is.

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@mooseunc We are mainly all customers here and trust me we all feel the pinch with fees. Unfortunately all the bad phone calls people complain about with the underlying number are usually bill collectors from someone previously with that number. They bother me too, I didn’t know I had so many Aliases with bad credit :grinning:

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