Levels of radiation?


I am considering getting my teen daughter a SafeSleeve phone case the block cell phone radiation. How do I find out if the MotoG4+ has higher levels of radiation as compared to others? (Wondering about my Pixel1 as well.) The MotoG5+ and the MotoZ are rated as some of the lowest radiation. Any other resources to consider?
Any other reliable cell phone radiation blocking cases besides SafeSleeve? Thanks in advance.


The radiation comming off a phone is due to the radio waves being sent and received any case blocking these will also block the signals

All phones emit a similar amount and are under what the FCC says is safe


@drm186 is quite right. Any item that claims to reduce your exposure to cell phone radiation is selling snake oil. Reducing cell phone radiation means reducing its ability to communicate with the cell tower, making it not a cell phone.

Here’s how to reduce cell phone radiation:

  1. Use speakerphone so that the phone isn’t against your head during the time where it radiates the most (during an active call).
  2. Use a Bluetooth headset (Bluetooth is far lower power than the cellular radio)
  3. When possible carry the phone away from your body. Meaning if you have the option to have it in a backpack or car cup holder, do that rather than have the phone in your pocket.


Your probably getting more radiation from everyday appliances than a cell phone. I wouldn’t worry too much about it.


Have u ever gone through Airport security? U get FAR more radiation from that single experience than you do from typical daily usage of a cell phone.

Ever get an xray done? You get 1000 times the radiation exposure from that one instance than you would if you strapped your self with 10 cell phones your entire life.

This “radiation risk” from cell phones and even wifi routers is nothing but unfounded junk info that gets rehashed every few years it seems.

The truth of the matter is, the radio waves are in the air and are being transmitted at far more powerful wattage from the radio, TV, cell towers, GPS Satellites …etc them selves than any handled device can even come close to doing. You walk around in them everyday and there is nothing you can do about it. Not using a cell phone or having no wifi router at home does ZERO, nothing at all to reduce your exposure to “radiation”.

If you want to do something that will directly and greatly affect your heath and lifespan, eat better, exercise, and do not smoke or drink alot of alcohol. That will actually accomplish something, unlike stressing your self out and inconveniencing yourself by being afraid to use a smartphone or wifi.


Don’t drive and text it’s a killer


You may find this helpful:

And this website is very informative:


Generally using simple methods will offer some protection:

Use speaker or wired earbuds to make calls
Don’t carry the phone on your person or in pockets
Keep it in a bag, purse, knapsack, etc.
Use a phone holster if you have to have it near you

The point is not to keep it near tissue that is sensitive to radiation.


Now, THIS is helpful! Many thanks to you!


You’re very welcome!