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I’m trying to find out if my LG ESCAPE2 phone is compatable with republic wireless I downloaded the Republic anywhere app to my LG ESCAPE2 phone and it downloaded I haven’t bought a republic sim card yet cause I might have to buy one of repubic authorized phone but I don’t know because LG is not on lis


Hi @mikem.tio3df,

The answer on the LG is no. You may bring any of the qualified phones as indicated by Republic here: Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help. You’ll want to be certain the phone you wish to bring is an exact model number (and in some cases build number match) for those listed.

You’ll need to purchase separately a Republic 3.0 SIM. You may do so from Republic here: Republic Wireless SIM Card Kit | Republic Wireless. Or, from Amazon here: http://a.co/87ZjJPV.

This Republic Help Center document walks you through the entire process: How to Bring Your Own Phone to Republic Wireless (BYOP) – Republic Help.

Edited to Add:

Republic Anywhere may indeed work on your LG, however, actual Republic service requires the Republic Wireless app, which will not. Republic Anywhere is intended to allow use of one’s Republic number on devices other than active Republic phones.


Hi @mikem.tio3df ,

I see you have an answer from @rolandh, and I just want to add a thought on this point:

The Anywhere app does not check for compatibility between your phone and our service, because it can be used on other Android devices to sync with a RW phone.

To test any phone for compatibility with our service, download the Republic app


The Republic Wireless App that users would download from the Play store would be the round one :rw_3:


Thanks to all that tried to answer my question, it sure would be nice to be able to actually talk to a Republic Wireless customer service rep


Hi @mikem.tio3df,

One person participating in the conversation @southpaw is a Republic employee. The rest of us are fellow members doing our best to help. Republic’s Community is a public Internet forum where members help other members.

It’s not clear to me how we missed your question and if you care to point us in the right direction, we’ll be happy to try again. If you’d prefer to have the conversation with Republic staff, please sign in at Republic Help to open a support ticket or live chat with a member of the Republic Wireless Support Team. Options to open a ticket or start a chat with staff are located at the bottom of the linked page. If under the Chat With Us heading you see a Login button rather than a Chat Now! button, please click that, then sign in with your Republic account credentials. Please do not click Message Now under Member Advice as that will also put you in touch with fellow customers.

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Hi @mikem.tio3df,

Is there something further I can help you with?


Ok I’ll try to give more info about the LG ESCAPE@ Model #LG-H443 IMEI 357494060411281


Hi @mikem.tio3df,

I’m not sure what your additional question is.

We do not currently support the LG Escape for activation with our service.


Ok thank you

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