LG G2 - New sim card needed?


Hi Guys - My wife’s Moto G4 had a problem so we got another Moto G4 but the sim card from the old MotoG4 does not seem to work with the new one. Is there a way to make the sim card from the old phone work in the new phone or do we need to buy another sim card? Thanks!



Did you purchase the old Moto G4 from the Republic Wireless store or elsewhere?

Did you purchase the new Moto G4 from the Republic Wireless store or elsewhere?


Hi @christopherk.9k46or,

Your title references a phone we don’t support. Does the title need to be edited, or are you actually trying to move your wife’s line to an LG G2?

Assuming both phones are indeed the G4, IF the first one had a CDMA SIM card in it, AND IF the second phone was bought somewhere other than Republic Wireless, THEN the new phone cannot be activated on the existing SIM card until it has first been activated on one of our BYOP SIM cards.

Edited to add since others will read this post as well:

Additionally, if by chance the first phone is not a Moto G4, but is in fact one of our older phones (Moto E: 1st and 2nd Gen, Moto G: 1st and 3rd Gen, Moto X: 1st and 2nd Gen) then the SIM card cannot be moved to one of our newer phones.

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