LG K30 is now available in the Republic Wireless online store!


Update 3/7/2019

The LG K30TM is now available in our online store.

LG K30TM $149 (on sale for a limited time for $99)

Key Features
:heavy_check_mark: 8 MP Rear-facing auto-focus camera
:heavy_check_mark: Rear and front-facing HD camcorder
:heavy_check_mark: All-day battery1
:heavy_check_mark: 5.3” HD display
:heavy_check_mark: Expandable storage
:heavy_check_mark: Fast performance
:heavy_check_mark: Color: Black

Full Tech Specs are available in our online store

1 Actual battery time may vary depending on network connectivity and application use.

The LG K30 TM is available for purchase only in specific coverage areas because it can support only our GSM SIM card.


Since it will be on gsm carrier will it have band 71?
T MO says if you get it from them it will have band 71…???


PC Magazine reports that the unlocked version, which would be the one sold by RW, does not have Band 71. The version sold by T-Mo that does have Band 71 also costs more. Band 71 still has extremely limited coverage at this time.


They have deployed it an operating all over the region here in northern calif.


I hope this opens the door for other LG phone models later.


Indeed, hopefully, this doesn’t turn out to be another one off like the Alcatel A30 and Huawei Ascend 5W. Having used both of those phones, I fully understand why they were one offs. At $99, I may pick up an LG K30 to play with.


If I were to pick one of these up (K30, GSM, Unlocked, LMX 410) Would it currently work with the republic app? I have a good deal on a used one I would like to try.


Hi @capslock,

We’re not yet supporting the phone, but I do not anticipate the wait would be very long. Do you currently have a working phone?


I will note there are many carrier versions of the LMX410 and unlock could mean a carrier unlock which Republic would not support. You need to make sure it’s the North American (US regional) factory unlock model LMX410ULMG or that Amazon model (LMX419ULMG Amazon)
If it’s a LMX410TK or LMX410MK (which are T-Mobile and Metro carrier versions) they will not be supported by Republic




Hi @karad.vaydbp,

I’m afraid we’re not able to state an anticipated release date for this phone, but we try not to announce them terribly far in advance of availability.


I’ll wait, coming from ‘L’ wave… Ambassadors won…lol.


Hi @karad.vaydbp,

I’ve updated the announcement to indicate that the LG K30 is now available in our online store.

@capslock, the phone is also now supported for BYOP.


Thanks @southpaw. I ordered one from you guys. It is to replace my daughter’s broken Moto e. Looking forward to it.

I personally have an X4 which I quite like, but this phone looks like it is nearly as good.


I hate to burst a bubble here, but to be very clear the K30 is not a competitor for the X4. The X4 is an upper mid-range phone while the K30 is a definitive entry level phone that competes with the Moto E-series, not even the G, and certainly not the X.


No bubble burst really. My phone is an X4. But we are replacing my daughter’s phone which is an E. And you are certainly right the K30 is not the X. But for the price it is not far enough away to not consider if my X needed to be replaced. Thankfully it does not.

To be honest, I was fairly impressed with my daughter’s E as well. But I think the K30 might beat it a little.


If you’re thinking about another X4, at $149 they’re well worth the extra $s versus the K30: https://www.motorola.com/us/products/moto-x-family


I would also point out that the Moto X4 can be activated on either Republic’s GSM (T-Mobile) or CDMA (Sprint) partners where the LG K30 can only be used on the GSM partner (and X4 at that price the cheapest phone currently able to do so new)
the Moto E uses the CDMA network