LG Phones (compatibility)

Why is RW no longer supporting LG phones? They appear the phones meet all of RW’s criteria! They are compatible with the T-Mobile & Sprint networks. I really want to use my LG V20 (US996 - Unlocked, Titan). Does anyone know if there is a way I can get it to work on the RW network??

Other than the very earliest LG Optimus and then the Nexus phones made by LG, Republic has never supported any LG phones. Likely because of either modifications they make to the OS, or lack of demand.

republic is also supporting the Pixel 2 XL which LG built for Google as a BYOD

The Pixel 2 XL may have been built by LG, but is entirely Google branded, unlike the previous Nexus phones. It is in no way an LG phone. Foxconn builds the iPhone for Apple, but no one would call it a Foxconn phone.

I have no interest in spending$700+ on a phone. I was given an LG v20 by a friend who can’t use it. $300 phone with all the bells and whistles of the pricier phones. I would like to use it but don’t want to piss money away on a RW kit if it won’t work.

It will not work. You can find all the phones that work with Republic here: Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help

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I just ordered a SIM card to switch to Republic and now I discover that my LG isn’t compatible. My phone is an LG Stylo 2V. Any chance it will work with Republic? If not, how do I order a phone from Republic without having to pay for another SIM card?

No. That phone is most likely a carrier variant, not a factory unlocked phone.
You can see a list of supported phones here:

If you wish to buy a phone from Republic, you can do so at their online store:

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All phones ordered from RW come with a SIM card, there is no additional charge for the SIM card.

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