Life 360 does not work when the cell allowance is used up?

I recently bought new phones for my children. One has a Moto X Pure and the other one has a Moto G Plus.

They have the 1G plan. I have Life 360 on both their phones.

Question: when they have reached their 1G data limit, Life 360 does not show me where they are anymore?

Has it always been this way? I thought that only the speed of the data connection suffered (slower) , not that it would be cut completely.

Now if i want to know where they are and they have reached their 1G allowance, I will have to change the plan or not know where they are.

Is this how it works?

You can ask them at this address:

I can’t speak to Life360 … but you may want to check out Use Google’s Location History to find out where you were


Thank you, but i am trying to know where they are while they are gone, not when they come back. Thanks

If you have access to their Gmail (Google) account you can use Android Device Manager to find their location. It only uses data for the inquiry. They will get a message telling them their phone has been located or, in other words, Mom knows where you are.

Thank you. I don’t have access to their Gmail account.

That is also required for Google Location History.

3.0 data plans are hard cap unlike the 1.0 plans softcap [2.0 was also hardcap]

What does this mean?

A hard cap means when you are out of data you are out of data. A soft cap means that after you have used a registered amount of data your data speed will be throttled.

With respect to your kid’s phones have you checked to see what is using their data? The kids could be streaming movies to consume their data so you can’t figure out where they are. That’s what I would have done if there had been a way for my folks to track me when I was a kid. Or, they might be turning their GPS off and telling you they are out of data. Or both.

Thanks for all the info. They are using their data on Pokémon Go, YouTube, Pandora, Spotify etc. when there is no WIFI around. I lowered the plan to pay less, 2G to 1G. The 2G used to last the whole month, so i don’t think they are using up the data on purpose, but now that you mentioned it, I am going to keep an eye out for that. I use mostly WIFI and do not go over 1G even when I had the 2G plan. I will probably change theirs back to the 2G, if I want to know where they are.

Thank you

I have one granddaughter on the $10.00 plan (no data) and one on the $17.50 plan who gets her $7.50 refunded every month. They have WiFi and home and at school. I think girls manage their data ($$$) better than boys.

Bottom line is if the app needs data, it won’t work when you run out. Not since the 1.0 plans has there been low speed data after reaching a cap (hence, they were advertised as “UNLIMITED”).

If it was working better for you under 2.0, maybe it was because the RW app was automatically logging them into WIFI hotspot portals. I don’t think 3.0 has this, but you can get that function with the WiFi Web Login app.

Looks like 360 is more full featured, but as a backup for when data’s gone, you could use “Wheres my droid” which uses SMS text to query and respond with a phone’s location.

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