Life Over Likes Sweepstakes


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Our BIGGEST sweepstakes ever. Here at Republic, we believe some of the best things in life happen when we put our phones down and enjoy the moment. We’re celebrating that very notion this holiday season with the biggest and best sweepstakes we have ever done with prizes that will create amazing memories for you and your loved ones. Without further ado, let’s talk about the prizes. 2nd Place = 10 Winners As we thought back to some of our favorite memories from childhood, we were struck by how often these involved special events that we experienced with our parents. Whether…


I get notice for this on the last day?
And its one entry per day. SAD.


Hi @robbis, the full contest runs until 12/15 so you’ve still got time to enter. Are you signed up for our marketing emails? That’s the best way to keep up with promos like this, also our website and blog.


I accidentally put the wrong zip code. Is there a way to fix it, or is it even worth trying to figure out?


I was just wondering about this sweepstakes, and if there is a results page? or will results be posted?


My understanding is winners will be notified via email. Perhaps, when that’s sorted results will be made public as you suggest?


Most sweepstakes like these do not publicly post results and require requesting results by mail. Winners from earlier drawings haven’t been posted either.


Time will tell. I did say perhaps!


How does anyone know if there are really winners if the names aren’t posted. T shirt winners names are posted. Is there a difference ?
I ask because I entered one of these contest before on a chainsaw for another company contest. When the winners weren’t posted, I called the company and asked for the names . Next day I was notified by e mail that I had won one of the saws. This was 3 weeks after the drawing. I guess it could have been a coincidence.
Just saying ,
If you don’t post the winners, how do anyone know there were any ?


I’ve been wondering if this sweepstakes was unique to RW or if multiple companies were participating simultaneously. I’ve seen sweepstakes like this several times. Anyone reading this win a prize?


Most sweepstakes like these do not publicly post results and require requesting results by mail.


Good tip may use that for the lottery.

For those who took the time to read the rules/terms this was like most. Winners are not normally publicly announced do to privacy/legal issues.


Sorry no comprendre. We should know RW would never consider doing that.


Why? There isn’t anything unethical about this type of sweepstakes, it just changes the odds of winning. It was listed on so I suppose a lot of non-RW customers entered.


This contest/sweepstake was run in many states and have to follow the laws of each one and there are many states laws allow the winners to remain anonymous


Of course not. What was I thinking?