Light on back of moto e4 not working

Phone Moto E4
Plan: Unlimited talk/text + 1Gb data

Light on back of phone (used for flashlight or camera) no longer working. Does not work for preinstalled flashlight app, new flashlight app, or camera. I have a cover on phone and do not recall any rough situations (more than usual, I don’t sit at a desk). I know E4 is not exactly cutting edge, hoping to avoid phone upgrade at least until a nice promotion comes up for it … and the E4 is working well otherwise (an Android update made my old SD card go out of support but such is life). Can a light be purchased inexpensively and installed without a PhD in microelectronics? Is there anything else I should try first? Thanks,

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Simple things to try would be

a) Clear Cache
and see if that gets it going again

b) Restart in Safe Mode and see if it works any better - that could point to one of your downloaded apps as the potential issue.

c) Run the Help app (the one that looks like a ?) and there should be hardware test within that app…that should be able to tell you if it is a hardware issue.

Hi @michaelc.kq5nc0 Are you still needing help with this issue?

Sorry louisdi … I did a hardware test and it seems that the issue is hardware not software. Seems like my light is toast. So now I need to either replace the light, or limp along w/out that light (will miss my flashlight app a lot) until I see a great deal on a new model.

Hi @michaelc.kq5nc0

If you :heart: and want to stick with the Moto E line, the E6 (unlocked /activate later) at Best Buy is $129.99
Motorola - Moto E6 with 16GB Memory Cell Phone (Unlocked) - Starry Black

Thanks for that. Back when I got the E4 (when I moved to Republic), it seemed like it was better to get the phone from Republic to guarantee compatibility. As for Moto … the E4 was not bad … but the dying light does not have me thinking I need to stick w/Moto. Figuring Black Friday is close relative to good prices on big and highly functional phones … if I find a phone that is compatible with Republic … is it safe to get one from “outside”? Thanks,

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Yes! And can save you money. :slightly_smiling_face::moneybag:

Here is the best source I know to help you in your quest of shopping for a phone that will work with Republic Wireless. It’s one of @louisdi’s Tips & Tricks posts:

How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone

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In addition to @SuperT’s suggested Tips and Tricks topic, please know that you can always ask in Community about compatibility for any phone you’re considering buying.
You might also want to keep an eye on PSA: Republic-supported phones on sale elsewhere where members post deals they’ve found on supported phones.

Please be aware of your coverage situation. If your current phone is using a CDMA SIM card, you’ll probably want to be sure you end up with another phone that can support a CDMA SIM card, and at this time, the Moto E6 is not compatible with our CDMA SIM card.

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Thanks for the PSA: Republic-supported phones on sale elsewhere link @southpaw!
I didn’t know about that post and will keep an eye on it for a Pixel 3a for myself :grin:

That is important because I had to go CDMA since the GSM service in Angier, NC (town adjacent to mine where I do a fair bit of work) was non-existent (it was like I went into a black hole … no calls, no texts, no data … and it covered from one end of Angier to the other). It may be that Republic has found a provider in Angier since then … but my CDMA works fine. So I guess I need to be sure that whatever phone I go with (hopefully as Black Friday approaches) can use a CDMA SIM.
BTW: Love your username. My Dad was an extremely proud SouthPaw as was my FatherInLaw and is my wife.


I’ve had this experience twice now. The solution both times has been turn the phone off, let it be off a few moments, turn it back on. (I suppose the short way to say that is “Reboot.”) I found that advice on another thread on the forum. I hope it turns out to be that simple for you as well!

Unfortunately, I have tried this a few times to no avail. I used it once or twice for a constant light for 5 or 10 minutes … and I’m thinking this light may not be built for that (but when you’re in an attic or crawl space, sometimes you have to improvise). Pretty disappointed in quality overall, but such is life. Thanks for the suggestion

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