Like/Dislike Options

I’d like’d the option of disliking, along with the present liking icon.
I’d also like to see date with posts and replies.

Hi and welcome back to the community. The software which Republic uses, Discourse, has a strong philosophy against the idea of the dislike button. They’ve made clear it won’t ever be a part of the software and frankly, I think that philosophy goes along very well with the general tenor that we (community members) try to maintain around here. All viewpoints are welcomed in the community (as long as they don’t violate community rules) and those that disagree are free to respond with their own position.

As far as the date on posts and replies, that already exists. On the top right corner of the post/reply you’ll see how long it has been since it was posted. If you mouse over that it’ll show you the date/time of the post.

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