Limit of 5 devices for republic anywhere?

I have a laptop and home computer, each with Linux & Windows, my phone, tablet, and work computer for a total of 7 devices. Republic anywhere is great and I want to be able to use it on all of them! Is there a specific reason for the limit of 5 devices? Will more be allowed in the future?


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Hi @jeffl.t83gfc

I do not think anyone in the community can accurately answer those questions. Maybe staff will jump in and give some insight, otherwise we can only speculate.

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I’m really not sure if this is still the case, but it used to be that only 5 phones were allowed per account. If that still holds true, that could be why you cannot connect more than 5 devices to Anywhere.

ETA: In the Anywhere FAQ’s it does say the limit is 5 devices, but does not give a reason why. I doubt you will get a specific reason. There are instruction on how to deregister devices though, in case you want to add a different device:


I agree that likely none of us in the community would know this. There’s likely a technical reason, but who knows.

I do have theory though. …Reclaiming a Phone-Life Balance

Somehow, I don’t think that’s it.

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Thanks guys! Yeah I guess I was hoping staff would jump in and then other people with the same question would benefit. Maybe I’ll just ask them directly.

back in the old forums there was a thread about the number of phones on one account
the reason from RW was performance of the RW servers.
but there was not a hard limit… and 5 phones was a recommendation,
the same could be said for RA app. more connections the slower it get/takes to move the text to device which is installed…
just think if every one using it had it installed on 20 devices… take a while for it to get from sender to receiver…

I’m pretty sure staff has chimed in and what you’d like to see is already under consideration. Please see here: Official Republic Anywhere Feature Request Thread.

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Hi @jeffl.t83gfc,

I’m sorry I did not see your question more quickly. I will try to find out an answer for you. Please do not open a support ticket on this question.


Hi @jeffl.t83gfc,

I checked in with our Anywhere developers.

The limit of five devices is, as some here speculated, based on managing server resources. However, they are open to considering making the number larger as they understand the need and potential use-cases.

So in order to track and manage your request, please open a ticket (once our current outage is resolved), not to ask why the limit is what it is, but to indicate that you’d like to request to the Anywhere team that the current limit of 5 Anywhere endpoints be increased. Explain the number of endpoints you need, and why.

And thank you. We appreciate that you are such a fan of Anywhere that you want to install it on all your devices! Do you already have the Anywhere T-shirt?

Editing to add: If anyone opens such a ticket, please DM me the ticket number. I’d like to track those tickets to see how they move through our system.


Ok sounds great thank you @southpaw! I’ll DM you the ticket number. And where can I get an Anywhere T-shirt?

Hi @jeffl.t83gfc

I meant to follow back up with you on this idea. If you haven’t opened a ticket yet, it would be just as efficient to post the idea in our Official Republic Anywhere Feature Request Thread, like @rolandh mentioned. But if you have opened a ticket, that’s good too. Either way, we’ll make sure the team is aware of your request, but posting in the thread allows others to “vote” on the idea.

I’ll DM you about the T-shirt.

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