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I see phones on the republic store are limited to the older G7 I know they release the g some of the G8 in the United States over the last couple of days between April and in May they’re seems to be a limitation on how many phones republic

are they not selling very much from the store or is it just a problem with cell why is there a limited amount of phones available on the republic store it seems like there’s more phones out on the world that I can buy at Best buy vs. What republic selling directly

I’m interested in the new GA but when I look to see if it’s supported with bring your own phone and it isn’t listed any of the G8 series is not listed so even if they do start selling them they’re not supported republic right now at least not that I can see

The g8 is an international version. The g is the north American factory unlocked version compatible with republic.



Republic has the G Power, the G Fast and the G Stylus, which are all of the “G” latest generation series released in the US.


just to add what others have said, Motorola drop the “8” from this years US release 8th Gen Moto G line choosing instead to just have the variants with the G name so you have the Moto G Stylus, the Moto G Power, and the Moto G Fast which are all the 8th Gen Moto G (and the international version still have the Moto G8 labeling)

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