LineageOS and Republic Wireless


I installed LineageOS on my Motorola G4 (XT1644). When I download the Republic Wireless app, it tells me the phone is unsupported. Does Republic Wireless not support custom ROMs, or is there a step I am missing? My SIM card hsn’t been activated yet, if that makes a difference.

Any chance RW might support Lineage OS eventually?
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Revisiting LineageOS (custom ROMs) on Republic Wireless

Republic does not support custom ROMs.

The Republic app verifies an appropriate supported manufacturer’s ROM on the phone before activating a Republic SIM.

Bottom line, you need to flash the phone back to stock to activate with Republic.


Officially Republic does not support Custom ROMs and they will not activate a SIM with one

there been reports that an already active GSM SIM will work in a custom ROM phone on the BYOD list (like the Moto G4)

If you really want this version of the LineageOS I would flash back to the base ROM activate the SIM (if it’s a CDMA SIM then get a BYOD GSM SIM) then reinstall the custom ROM
I would note if you run into issues Republic support will not work with you as long as you have a custom ROM on the Phone


There’s a difference between not supporting custom ROMs and actively making the app refuse to run on a custom ROM. What does Republic care if a user wants to run LineageOS? If a phone is on the supported list, why actively refuse service?


I’m not on Lineage nor do I have any intention of flashing it to my Republic phone. With that said, does the app not run or does it report the phone as being incompatible and not offer to activate the SIM? I ask because, the app generally installs, runs and reports that for unsupported phones.

In a perfect world, Republic would be comfortable allowing activation with the caveat of no support. The reality is some wanting to run Lineage and other custom ROMs (not you) would expect some degree of support should something end up not working. Even merely replying to support requests with we don’t support what you wish to do would occupy support resources.

Anyway (and for what it’s worth), Republic has been up front that it supports a subset of Android phones and specifically the manufacturer’s factory unlocked firmware on that subset of phones. Carrier specific builds are no more supported than custom ROMs nor is iOS, Windows Phone etc.

The stated rationale is this is intended to provide the best possible user experience. One accepts that rationale or one doesn’t. It is what it is.


Hey there. I have the same phone with Lineageos 14.1 (athene). I also had the same issue. You need Google Play services for Republic to activate. Once I flashed open GApps it worked. A little over 6 months later and its running fine. Look up instructions over on XDA.


I have a Moto X Pure that I once had on a custom, but tweaked and rooted Stock 6.0 rom. R.W wokred fine on it. No issues with the app.

Later however, since Moto never updated the phone, I flashed a CrDroid 7.1.2 rom on it.
Then the R.W app won’t work at all and says incompatible phone.
I ended up getting a Nexus 5X for much cheaper than replacing the battery in the X Pure as it was pretty poor life.
Now I just keep the X.P around should I want to play with a root app etc.