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I installed Anywhere on my wife’s phone too since I liked it so much. But now we see each other’s texts; they are not limited to the specific telephone number. How can I link the texts to the phone number, and not have texts from the other line pop up??


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Are you all sharing a computer?


Please see, in particular the paragraph, “What if there are multiple lines on my account…”:


Hi @jben,

I’ve moved @kennetho.wrwc6u’s post back to the General Discussions category, since this member has never joined the Anywhere BETA group and would not see the replies if the thread is there, and because the question is not specific to one of our current BETA builds.

@kennetho.wrwc6u - you have a few troubleshooting responses in the thread, please do let us know more about what you are experiencing.


Sorry about being tardy in responding - I’m still learning about RW Forums. We do not share a computer. However we do each have Samsung tablets (Galaxy Tab 2S), and I put Anywhere on each of these. We see text messages incoming for both of us - e.g., she sees texts incoming to me, as well as those coming to her, and vice versa for me. We’re not big text users, and we can live with this, but it is strange.


Hi @kennetho.wrwc6u,

Would you be able to “report an issue” (from the Help menu) from the tablet, phone, or computer where you are seeing each other’s text messages? They definitely should not be showing up across accounts, and we’ll need our Anywhere team to look into that.


On the “accounts” page, my name is linked to my phone number, and my wife’s name is linked to her phone number. Is there anything further that I should do?


I would be happy to “report an issue” from my tablet. However, when I pull down the help menu (under the community forum web page) I do not see a link to report an issue. Please provide instructions.


You can open a Help ticket through the Anywhere app itself.

Tap on Help
Tap on Report an Issue - Should be 4th item from the top and 3rd from the bottom

Another menu will open where you can report the issues you’re experiencing.


Hi @kennetho.wrwc6u, I’m sorry I wasn’t more clear. I did mean within the Anywhere app, as @littletoucan has explained.


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