Link to suggest new phones for byop?


Where is the link to suggest new phones for BYOP?


Do you mean this link?

It’s on the main help center page


I believe its on the top of the “shop” page.

It starts off “have a phone you love? Bring it to Republic!”

The “Learn More” is the link you seek.


I am looking for a link where you can provide suggestions for new phones to be added to the BYOP program…used to be on the BYOP page…but I don’t see it there any more.


this survey the only one I can recall
(i have it bookmarked)


:frowning_face: You have already taken this survey.

Survey seems to allow only one suggestion per customer.


I don’t see my type of phone

We’re sorry, we don’t support other phones at this time.

Check out our store for guaranteed supported phones.
Shop Now

Didn’t find what you’re looking for?

Tell us which phone you’d like to see offered
in our BYOP program.

Take the survey

I finally found a path to the link today by going through the long BYOP checker. It’s well buried multiple points and clicks away.


Thanks for digging it up. If it is buried so deep, I doubt any of these requests are getting selected as candidate phones.


Found by accident when doing research for another discussion.

As said previously only one request per customer and a 9-12 month old request may not be a relevant candidate any longer.

Not a priority item for RW.


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