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This may be a Google question rather than a RW question, but starting here.

I would like to set up a Google Voice phone number to my RW number, however, I am unable to. I receive the following prompt during the set up:
This phone number can’t be used to sign up for a Google Voice number. Try verifying with another number.

I could use my landline number, but defeats what I’m needing to do.

I can set up a gmail account and have codes sent to my RW phone, but not for GV set up?



Hi @richardm.jalqz6,

I have two Google Voice accounts, each one forwarding calls and texts to a different RW phone. I’m not sure if that’s what you mean by “set up a Google Voice phone number to my RW number.”

Could you give the specific steps you are taking when you receive that error message? Are you doing this on a computer, at, or in the Google Voice app?

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Hi @richardm.jalqz6,

Sorry to hear of the experience. This is the first I’ve heard of Google Voice taking issue with Republic numbers for verification purposes. Generally, Google has significantly tightened its requirements for numbers being used to claim GV numbers. Google does not specify what those requirements are. They are intended as security measures and disclosing those requirements might aid those trying to obtain Google Voice numbers for nefarious purposes. I fully understand that’s not your intent.

I’m sufficiently curious that I’m willing to do some testing in the next day or so. Given you may not wish to wait for that, please feel free to go ahead and claim a Google Voice number using your landline. The number used for verification when claiming a new Google Voice number does not preclude forwarding that new Google Voice number once claimed to a different number including your Republic number.

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The testing was considerably faster than anticipated. I’m not having an issue receiving Google’s six-digit code using my Republic number. Is this the step you refer to:

And, the code isn’t received after inputting your Republic number at this screen:

I’m a bit of a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) geek. I am aware Google is rejecting so-called nomadic VoIP numbers for verification when claiming new Google Voice numbers. Republic numbers are VoIP, however, Google hasn’t been rejecting Republic numbers for verification and I just confirmed this by successfully receiving Google’s six-digit code at my Republic number.

I’m also aware Google is rejecting numbers that have been identified as previously used to claim new Google Voice numbers. The intent is to prevent folks from claiming multiple Google Voice numbers. Is your Republic number new to you or have you had it for a while?

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Good Morning @richardm.jalqz6,

Following-up on last night’s posts. If I’ve got it right that you’re stuck on the verification when attempting to claim a new Google Voice number, you might find this informative:!category-topic/voice/4LmsblEJlBA.

The gentleman who supplied that answer also frequents one of the VoIP forums I do. He can be a bit cantankerous but is generally spot on regarding all matters Google Voice. Bullet point number one in his answer was what I was referring to by nomadic VoIP numbers. Republic numbers (while they might be defined as nomadic VoIP) are not seen as ineligible.

Bullet points 2-5, however, might explain your experience.



I’m thinking you are trying to port your RW number to GV. You don’t want to do that. If you could, doing so would deactivate your phone.



Since it’s no longer possible to port any number to Google Voice without first having a Google Voice number, I’m thinking that’s not it.

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Thank you everyone for responding.

In a nut shell, I want to set up a Google Voice phone number such that when the GV is called it is patched through to my RW cell phone. I’ve had the RW number for…maybe four years +. The phone I have now is a Samsung Edge S7, upgraded from my Moto G. Wow, what a difference in so many ways. I have been able to get a Google Voice number, but only if it’s linked to my Comcast VoiP landline.

The specific step that I get stopped on is when I enter my RW number, the last screen shot that Rolandh captured during his “test”. When I press NEXT, I then receive the message (posted in my initial post) that the number can’t be used. I had first tried the set up via my desktop browser (Linux-Debian, Firefox), then directly from my phone and it’s browser. The last attempt was through the Google App after getting it through Google Play. All attempts have been unsuccessful so far. Weird that those who have tried have been able to so without issue.

It is not that I am able to receive the “code”, I am unable to enter my RW number and have it accepted by Google before receiving the message that the number can not be used. One thing that I just thought of, before I continue I’m going verify that I haven’t already linked an old gmail account/ GV to my RW number. If I did, it must have been a long time ago and I’ve completely forgotten that I’ve done so. But…the older that I’ve become there is something that is the first to go, but I forget what it is…ha ha.

So I’m now going to verify that the number isn’t already linked and post the results.

Thanks again everyone.

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Just a quick post to add that my RW number is not linked to GV.



Hi @richardm.jalqz6,

I see what you’re talking about now, as far as linking. When I’ve created Google Voice numbers in the past, this linking step was not required. It was possible to create a Google Voice account without linking it to anything.

I’ve just tried creating a new Google Voice account linked to a Republic Wireless number, and I got the same message you got:


I found this explanation:!topic/voice/fhYNsW1B0AM

I was able to create the Google Voice account by linking it to my home phone, then I could add my Republic number and delete my home number.



Thanks Southpaw. I will try to replace my landline number with my cell number.



Success! During all attempts, I was only able to initially use my landline to link to Google Voice. Following Southpaw’s approach I was able to add another number to the existing Google Voice account, set it as the primary number, then delete the landline number.

I tested the set up by calling the GV number from my landline and the call went to my RW cell number. Yahoo!

I’m marking this [SOLVED].

Thank you!


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