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While not something sold by Republic, given the focus on Wifi and the desire for a good wifi calling experience, I wanted to share my experience with the Linksys Velop Mesh Wifi system. I’ve recently implemented the 3 node system in my home, and it is massively impressive.

The Velop system is a tri-band system (1 x 2.4GHz and 2 x 5GHz), with a dedicated 5GHz radio for connecting the nodes to each other. It is configured via an Android App and if you want to use the defaults (which are quite good) you could get 3 nodes running in well under 30 minutes.

My configuration: 3 nodes, 1 deployed on each floor of my house.

The real test is performance. First, calling. I started a call on wifi on the main floor of my house. I walked to the basement, back to the main floor, up to third floor, and back to the main floor. My call stayed on wifi the entire time and there wasn’t a single hiccup in call quality. As reference, the same test on my previous system (xfinity router with linksys repeaters) caused drops in quality or call drops (or handoffs if cellular was on) every single time I tested (and despite HOURS or configuration/tuning).

With a speed test, I downloaded a file from my file server which is ethernet attached to my main Velop node, while walking around the house. For this test I used my laptop which has 802.11ac connection to the Velop system. I saw a steady 450Mbps throughout my house. Remarkable as when connected to my repeaters previously I rarely broke 50Mbps. The system has band steering where both bands transmit a single SSID and the system determines how to best serve your client.

Overall, with little/no configuration, the system works flawlessly. (As an added note, SIP ALG is by default DISABLED on the system. Thank you Linksys).

For the tinkerers – These are FAR more configurable than something like Google Wifi. You can add static routes, change DNS settings, and generally configure like any other router.

The big con with this mesh system is cost. I got lucky and got a manufacturer refurbished for $150 off the Amazon price on Woot. Otherwise, it is expensive, but if you have a large home, it really is a next generation wifi experience.


Mesh WiFi - a coming of age technology?

Thanks for that review @louisdi.

I have tried repeaters without much success. Reading about the Google mesh system, (and admittedly, a bit over my head), I get the concept. Nice to read about an alternative and garner a better perspective.




Your review is timely as I have been looking at the mesh WiFi systems trying to decide which one fits my needs the best.

Have a couple of WiFi IoT devices that I built and they need to be accessed from both inside and outside the home network. They are assigned a local static IP address that I can use when accessing the devices locally, and then use port forwarding when accessing them remotely. Have you tried port forwarding to access a local device remotely?

Have you tried using the Velop in bridge mode and whether you can access wired devices attached to the router from devices using the Velop WiFi?

I have used the Open Mesh access points before and they work fairly well, but any changes to the device configuration must be made thru the Open Mesh CloudTrax servers. Good for large installations that need remote service, but inconvenient for a home network.

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Yes, port forwarding is a snap. No issue.

I’m configured the other way around. I put my Xfinity combo device in bridge mode and am using the Linksys Velop as my router.

This system has both an app you can use over your local network and the ability to enable/disable control from the Linksys Cloud.

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Thanks very much.

BTW, my IoT devices are garage door openers controlled by an android app developed using MIT Inventor.

This link was my initial guide.



I just started a thread to try to consolidate all the good things starting to come out of the WiFi Mesh world … Mesh WiFi - a coming of age technology?

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