List of Voicemail Nowhere to be Found

I have recently got a Samsung A20 cellphone. I previously had some kind of Moto phone (forget which one), but on that phone I could visually view my voicemails in a list. On my new phone, I cannot find that option anywhere. It was previously located as a small button when I clicked the phone icon. I get 10-15 voicemails a day sometimes and it made it very easy for me to check it when it is in a list as opposed to calling my voicemail to hear them one by one. Is there anything I can do or does this phone just not have that option?

Hi @RustyShackleford and welcome to the Community!

Visual voicemail exists on your new Samsung Galaxy A20 but Samsung’s design isn’t shall we say as intuitive as it might be. Please see if this helps: Alternate ways to check voicemail

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