Lite Phone 2 Indiegogo Support


Would this be something that Republic wireless would consider supporting or would at least get in contact with the creators of the phone? It looks really similar to the Relay system that you are working on right now.


I don’t know as one should never say never but I don’t see support right away
Please Remember Republic is a WiFi first Hybrid service (even the Relay will have WiFi) and I not seeing any WiFi on the Light Phone 2,
this is also more of a feature Phone replacement than the Walke-talke like Relay yet not a smart phoone
Republic phones all run off a full Android system and this is running of a modified (much reduced) android (and no reference of what build level)


Pricy for a crippled phone. You could save a lot of money and get one of these… NoPhone at Amazon
or this… NoPhone Air :grin:


As DRM says, one should never say never, but I’m going to say never. Heck, given the track record of cell phones on indigogo, it may never come out at all.


I don’t understand why a phone like this should exist. $250?! A few hours of talk time?! A Nokia 3310 or a myriad of flip phones cost ~$60.

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For the same reason people buy $1000 smartphones when you can get a decent smartphone for $129.

I have to say I do like the e-ink display.


I like e-ink also. I was hoping the YotaPhone 3 or Hisense A2 would make it to the US market, but no news thus far.

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