Little blue bubble

i have a samsung j 3 and a little blue bubble keeps beeping on the bottom of my homepage how do i make it stop

Hi @danieli.mrhbru,

I, too, have a Samsung Galaxy J3 but have never experienced a blue bubble beeping at the bottom of my screen. I’d guess it’s one of your apps trying to alert you to something. If you swipe down from the top of your screen, do you see any notifications? Might the bubble look like this:

If so, that’s the Android Messages icon and your phone might be alerting you to a received text message.

If not, perhaps, you might capture and post a screenshot for us. To capture that screenshot, press the power button and home button simultaneously until you hear a click, then release both buttons.

Is it actually beeping at you? Sounds like it could be S Voice. Find S Voice in your Apps list and go to the settings within the App and deselect the Voice Wake-up option.

Are you sure S Voice is on the J3? The J3 isn’t a high end phone. Anyway, I cannot locate it in my J3’s applications listing even with system apps displayed.

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