Little to no cell service at home

Ive been a customer since August and have never really been able to make a call from my house, I have to use my wifes old phone (she’s on tracfone). I was a assured I was in the coverage area but i’m not. The wifi works…sometimes. Most of the time incoming calls just go to voicemail and my phone will always try to make a call with half a bar instead of wifi. I need to drive around 5 miles to make a call. I was determined to make this work but now i’m stuck with a new moto g5plus. What to do?

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Can you share your ZIP code and try this on your phone:

  1. Launch the dialer as if you were going to make a call.
  2. Tap the numeric keypad icon.
  3. Dial *#*#7876#*#*

What does your phone do? Does the screen just clear or do you get a SprintDM screen?

As you state the WiFi works sometimes, your WiFi may not be providing the level of service you think you have or you may be experiencing a problem caused by the phone going to sleep

I’m in Zip Code 28678. I tried the ##786## and it went to the last persons phone number I called. I did it 4 times just to make sure. I have a feeling it wasn’t supposed to do that?

make that ##786## Hmmm, for some reason it won’t show the star symbol but be assured I dialed it exactly as you wrote

The 786 portion of the dial string, should be 7867 the editor has the bad habit of swallowing things (and I forgot how to ‘fix’ it
the rest of the sequence is right

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Ahhh… The screen is clear.

type in the code*#*#7867#*#* and then highlight and tap the </> in the tool bar

I tried but there’s no toolbar. Am I missing something?


This tells us that you’re on the GSM partner. Your service may be better with Sprint. This is something that can be done by ticket with the support team.

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this was how to get the * in the code to show up on this forum software
if you are not taken to the SprintDM menu then you are currently on the GSM partner

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louisdl and drm186, Thank you both for taking the time out of your day to help. It’s greatly appreciated. I will open a ticket.

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