Live in Texas/ Vacationing in Maine

I am going to Bar Harbor Maine in about a month and I am wondering about cell service there. I live about 60 miles from Austin. Is there any way to assure that there will be cell service there or should I just buy a trash phone from Walmart that will have good service for the time I am there?

@deborahg.qvzlbf There’s certainly no need to buy a phone as Republic has access to the same national cellular networks as other folks. Both of Republic’s carrier partners have good coverage in and around Bar Harbor.

I was having problems in Texas so Republic sent me a Sprint sim card. (. I think??). is that a good carrier for Bar Harbour?

If it’s Sprint then it would be CDMA, T-Mobile is GSM, but as @louisdi pointed out, both carriers look good for Bar Harbor. To find which you have, see:How to Tell If a Phone Is Active on GSM or CDMA – Republic Help

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