Loaner won't take SIM Card



Moto X Pure, 1 Gig data plan, I HAVE opened a Help Ticket.
I have received a loaner phone from Lonovo so I can send my Republic phone in for repair and followed the instructions to move the SIM from my Republic phone to the loaner phone. The loaner phone is telling me there is a SIM card error. I called Lonovo and they said to call Republic with the IMEI number. So I opened a ticket providing that number. My question is:

Is that all I need to do?
Have others had this experience and can offer me a solution or assurance?

I did talk to Lonovo BEFORE I ordered the loaner phone and they ASSURED me I could transfer the SIM from a Republic phone to the loaner. Now I talk to them after and they said I need to call.


If your phone was on the CDMA carrier then just swapping the phone will not work. CDMA phones cannot be swapped as easy as GSM. Contact our support so that they can try to help. Sounds like Lenovo assumed GSM in their instructions.


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