Local area code


Why must a local area code be entered on every call? So annoying…


because Republic does not know where your phone is when you make that call (WiFi can be don’e any where in the world) (this is the same reason most *11 numbers don’t work (911 and 711 are exceptions to this) )

There are many places in the US where the 10 digit number is a must from all phone (Mobile, Landline, VOIP) due to Area code over lap (the metro Detroit area has had this since the early to Mid 90’s) as more and more local rate centers move to IP based over the old POTs base service the need for 10 digit calling is becoming the norm

Most number dialed more than on end up in a contact list and people use that to dial (may require a one time edit when moving over to Republic easy to do online here https://contacts.google.com/preview/all )

Don’t know if this will still work but @southpaw@rw (was @southpawkb at the time) put together a work around

Enabling your 7-digit dialing habit


Awesome workaround, hope it works The Republic app writers should write a prefix option into the app. I make many calls to local customers and it get old fast…


your welcome (I’ve been dialing 10 digits for over 20 years one can gets use to it though when we started it was a pain and we didn’t have cell phones with contact list options at that time)

come back and let us know if this still works


Works like a charm


Glad it’s working

and I bet so is @southpaw@rw