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Hi! I now have this set up, and basically it’s working very well, exactly as described. Sound quality seems very good, better than my landline. I’m very excited about this, because I think it’s going to give me the level of security and comfort I need to finally let go of my landline! I run my business out of my home, so I’ve been holding on to the landline as a backup. But I’d love to finally get rid of it!

2 questions:

  1. The system doesn’t seem to know my area code. If I dial a 7-digit local number, I always get a busy signal. This is on my landline phone, and I have all the local numbers I call frequently set up on speed dial - without any area code. None of these work, all give a hard busy signal. I finally figured out that I have to dial 1 + my area code + the number, and then it works fine. I suppose I could live with this, but is there any way to enable 7-digit dialing for local calls ??

  2. Security Q: I came across this 1-star review on the Amazon page for the Grandstream HT801:
    “Grandstream firmware for this unit contains critical security vulnerabilities that are more than two years old. (Rated 9.8 on a severity scale of 1-10.) Patches have been available to fix the issues for more than two years, but they have not added them to their firmware releases. Support told us there is no timetable for when they will correct the problems. It seems safe to say that after two years, they either have no plans to fix them or they were not even aware of them when we reported the issue. If remote unauthenticated users being able to run arbitrary code on this device as root is not a problem on your network, then this device may be fine for you. If that doesn’t sound like a good idea, disable SSH on the Basic Settings page immediately. If you are in a security conscious environment like we are, you may also have trouble with their continued support for SSLv3 on the HTTPS web configuration page. (IE6 is the last browser I can think of that required SSLv3, so there are no good excuses left in 2019.) Grandstream support suggested we submit this one as a “feature request” on their user forum. That was the last straw for us, we are replacing more than a dozen of these units with something that can pass a basic security scan.”

This sounds like a serious, but fixable issue. Are your tech folks on top of this ???

All in all, I’m very pleased and excited with this new product! Thanks.

This is something we are looking into we do not do it on republic wireless cell phones so there is no current setup to do it. It is easier for the home phone to do it so we are looking into it.

We lock this device down and do not use SSH at all.

Would making it user select-able in production system be a consideration? Our area requires 10-digit dialing so it’s not a problem in the current configuration for us. Just a random thought…

The more we keep users selectability down the better. The way we would do it as we would just append your own area code if you filled 7 digits.

I completely understand that. The more items that can be set wrong WILL BE set wrong. Can sure make troubleshooting a little more difficult.

Given the ever decreasing areas where 7-digit dialing is still possible, and the fact that Republic users are already used to having dial 10 digits on their Republic cells, I would hope this is a low low low development priority.

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I’ve been using 10 for many, many years. I didn’t realize that 7 was even an option these days with area code overlays, etc.

Same here. In fact since March 2000 where I live!

Only 7 digits required where I live hence the numbers stored in my 2-line phone system only work with my land line. My land line and cellphone are in the same exchange so I can call my cell phone with 7 digits and it is a local call for my neighbors. My SO’s land line is in a different exchange so her land line calls to me incur long distance charges. We get around that with our cell phones, echos, skype, etc.

Edit: No! I went back to re-read the manual and the feature does the exact opposite of what I thought it did. You would think they would build a feature where it can add a area code when dialing but no… it takes out the area code in the caller ID log for those rare occasions you live in a area that still supports 7 digits.

Wrong info

Although home phone systems are not that popular, the latest models of cordless phones actually are quite capable. My VTech phone has some fun functions like enabling rotary only service and some more useful functions such as setting up the voicemail number and in this case, home area code.

That said, who knows what people will plug into the ATA itself. For people who are looking to upgrade, they may be sticking in their old phones so it may be rarer for people to be upgrading to the latest cordless phone systems.

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