Local Emergency Alerts / E.A.S

I just noticed a local news article about my state’s Blue Alert system.
There was a test done about a month ago…i never received any message.
In-fact, I can’t recall ever receiving ANY Emergency Alerts like AMBER etc. where that ear piercing loud tone plays.
I have gotten, on very rare occasions, NOAA Weather Emergency alerts, but those are long after my normal weather app, WU, notifies me already.
I have all those Emergency alerts enabled in system settings on my Pixel 3. I do get the monthly weather tests when I enable them.

I do use the app Pulse, as my default messaging app. But isn’t the EAS part of the system, and not affected by what message app one uses?

Come to think of it, even when I had my Pixel XL, i very rarely, if ever, got any EAS alerts, my mother, also on RW and a Moto E4, very rarely gets them. Last week, she was at her folks house, and their phones, on VZW, did an AMBER alert, my mothers, did not.
I was in a busy mall at the same time, and hundreds of phones went off, but not mine.

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