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What phone do you have? I have a Moto G, purchased from RW in Jan 2015. It’s a first generation phone, XT1031, which is a 3G-only phone.
What plan are you on? I’m on the wifi + cell + 3G plan.
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description

I bought a new phone (from the approved byop list) and want to move my RW service to that phone, which I understand includes moving the SIM card from my old RW Moto G to my new phone. I watched a couple of YouTube videos about how to remove a SIM card from a Moto G, but when I took off the back cover of my phone, there is an indentation where the SIM card should be, but no SIM card - it looks like the opening for the card is blocked? Am I missing something? Does this version of the phone not have a SIM card? (And if not, the follow-up issue would be - if I order a SIM card from RW, how do I keep my phone number on the new phone? I’ll look around in the forums for answers to that question. :slight_smile: )

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Hi @margaretm.lgtbu7,

The first Gen Moto G does not have a SIM card, and if it did, it would not be compatible with our new phones.

You’ll need a Republic Wireless SIM card for your new phone. When you activate the phone using your existing Republic Wireless account, you’ll be offered the option to move the phone number to the new phone.

May I send you a SIM card?



Wow - thank you for the quick response! Yes, I would like a SIM card. And then I think follow the instructions here, right?

And the Samsung Galaxy S8 that I bought (and haven’t opened yet) has this model number: SM-G950UZKAXAA - That is a different format from the SM-G950U1 model number that I was told to look for to make sure the phone will be compatible. Does that mean it won’t work? I don’t want to open it and download the app to test it because then if I return it I have to pay a restocking fee… :slight_smile:



Hi @margaretm.lgtbu7,

Yes, you may follow those instructions or use our activation wizard at: Activate | Republic Wireless

If I were in your shoes, I would not trust me with the answer about model compatibility - all those letters and numbers just run together on me. So I asked one of our most knowledgeable technicians, and he as assured me that, yes the phone you have bought is compatible.

I’ll DM (private message) you here about shipping details for the SIM card.

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that is the right version of the phone the "XAA "ending is the key

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Oh my gosh - thank you so much! I really appreciate you checking!



Thank you so much! I didn’t see that post before.

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