Location, location, location

We’ve shared the current Orion WiFi locations with our Orion Wifi Beta participants.

Reminder: :shushing_face: We ask that you not share the locations or name the specific venues. The companies participating deserve the option to make their own announcements (or not) about their participation.

As you test, you may want to tell us about the location you visited. You can talk about it in general terms, like “the airport near me” or “the mall in my town”.

You’ll have initial reactions to the locations that were shared. Please use the poll below to let us know your thoughts, and reply if you want to discuss further. Please do remember that as early adopters, you’re participating in the very early stages of something that is intended to grow.

Based on the early locations shared…
  • There’s a place near me and I go there often
  • There’s a place near me, but I’d have to make a special trip to go there
  • There’s a place I could get to, but it’s not particularly convenient
  • There are no locations near me, but I see places I visit when circumstances allow travel
  • There are no locations near me and I don’t see any place I would be likely to go.

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To be clear, is it the green teardrop symbols that are the Orion locations?


I’m curious as well, since the closes to me is in Lawrence, KS, and if I show up there in purple, I might be in big trouble… :wink: (Home of the University of Kansas, and I’m a K-State fan).

The list on the side of the map. Green Marks. :wink:

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You can click on "view map legend " that will show you a corresponding list.


I have 5 within 1 hour of me in LA and Orange County and 12 more 3-5 hours away in Vegas and San Diego. It’ll take a while but I’ll be near one soon enough.

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The sites in my area are NOT listed in the left column. It looks like mostly just local gyms and recreational facilities near me (unless they coincidentally are using the same symbol and aren’t actually Wi-Fi locations).

User tips: I had to close out the map and then reopen it to view the sites in my area (for some reason they were not showing any longer after I navigated between several locations).

Also, you can change to the map view (instead of the satellite view), which makes it a lot easier to see the marks, if you scroll down the list in the left column and then click on the map view icon at the bottom.

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Okay; so now I’m thinking that the sites in my area I see with the green mark are NOT actually Orion sites? That ONLY the few sites listed in the left column are in the network (so, fewer than 100 sites across the country)?

@southpaw - Can you please clarify?

The only spot I have is the airport. That’s really difficult to use when not actually traveling. How close to you have to be to this for it to work?

It’s WiFi. Close.

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So if I’m seeing this right, there are no locations within 100 miles of me in Orlando. And there are no locations in the places I most frequently travel – northeast Florida, Georgia, or South Carolina.

Are more sites coming soon? If not, I’m not sure how helpful I’m going to be for this beta period. :slight_smile:

I am impressed with the number of both large and small venues for this beta. With about 7 locations within an hour of me I think I’ll be able to actually try this out.

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I’m excited to think the next time I travel through my regional airport that I may be able to utilize Orion WiFi. The airport is the only location in my state which I have ever or would ever travel to that is covered.

For the purposes of this beta, the airport is too far away and too COVID-risky for me to travel to just to provide a BETA feedback. It’s a 2.5 hour round trip for me. But it is the only airport I’ve ever used on the home-side of a trip.

I don’t want to sound negative, but I think it’s important for me to express that in an average year I spend about 2 to 6 hours annually in areas covered by the Orion WiFi locations listed.

During COVID times I will spend zero time at any of the locations.

Areas that I wish were covered near me: Shopping destinations (malls, outlet malls, shopping districts), my local downtown area, and my regional downtown area. I’m happy to provide specific destinations if you’d like, I’m being vague so that I can respect the NDA.


These are the very very very first locations. The network will be expanding over time and will be expanding drastically if it is going to be successful.


@southpaw, in her beta invitation, was clear that many of the beta participants may not initially see locations near them. It’s early!

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Hi @andreas,

Could you DM me a screenshot so I can be sure what “green mark” you’re referring to? It’s possible different configurations of Google Maps might present local information differently to different users.

This site map is owned by the Orion WiFi team. Let’s ask them if they can clarify how to read the map. @orionwifiteam could you chime in here?

We absolutely understand and we do not expect anyone to make a special trip to visit a site.

Thank you, this is valuable feedback!

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Totally agree.

I’m excited, I’m patient, but I also wanted to make sure I painted a reality of the usefulness Orion WiFi in its current state. I can’t wait to see what locations get added in my area.

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The two sites closest to me assume that I will be utilizing air travel. Sadly, that won’t be happening anytime soon. Let’s see what happens over the next several months.

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The only site anywhere near me is the airport about 30 minutes away. I was hoping for something closer and more accessible during covid. But I will be closely following the results of others during beta testing.

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