Location, location, location

I’m pleased to see malls both north and south of me added! Now if we ever leave the house again . . .

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Still nothing new in Tucson

Malls? Are people actually going into malls? :flushed:

My closest Orion is a mall 35 miles away.


Nothing close to me either.

There’s definitely one closer to me, it’s at least in the Kansas City metro area. It’s not a place I go often, but I actually could get there reasonably now.

none in my area closest one is in {redacted} air port 150miles away

The new map doesn’t seem to offer any additional locations in my California area.


A couple of new locations close to me, but I’ll be honest, I’m not going to a mall during a pandemic to test wifi.

We don’t expect anyone to go anywhere specifically to test. The list of locations is not a “go forth and test” directive, but just for awareness so that if you are headed to a location you will know to watch for signs of Orion WiFi functionality.


Are more places going to be added? If not then there’s no point in my being in this beta. There aren’t any places within hundreds of miles of me.

Hi @jackrussell,

Thanks for joining this Beta and for your feedback. As I indicated when the map was first shared:

There will be new places added. Your enthusiasm for testing and helping to develop this exciting new technology is appreciated, and I hope you’ll stick with the beta group and be part of it as new locations are added.

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I will stick with it and I hope new places close to me will be added soon.


Just joined This beta testing and so far map shows no places near me with Orion. Will keep checking the map weekly and reading the experiences of other beta testers.


Checked Orion map again today and no sites near me in Central FL.

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