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If I get 3.0 can I have primary service area(work location) instead of my billing address?
Might be different service providers available.
I read in your section you use 2 major service providers. Can you tell me who they are?



Republic themselves are not allowed to tell you, but as a community member I can tell you that Republic’s GSM partner is T-Mobile and that the CDMA partner is Sprint.

As for getting the best service for your work location… When purchasing the phone just use the zip code for your work instead of your home. If you have any service problems you can submit a ticket and they will help you with getting the right service for you.



Hi @marcm.lbiygr

If you don’t mind sharing with the community the zip codes in question and which phone you plan on using, we can probably give you more focused opinions/advice on your best course of action.



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