Location-sharing without a data plan?

My mother sometimes heads out the door on “adventures”. She has no income, so I support her. So I bought her the basic phone/text/wifi plan – no cell data. Now, I know RW still actually rides it’s stuff on cell-data but then just blocks-out anything not necessary to make RW work.

It would be nice to turn on “location sharing” on her phone so I can see where she’s roughly at if I haven’t heard from her in a while… but I would presume this would require a data plan? Anyone know if that’s true or if this particular data-bit is allowed through RW’s ecosystem?

Is there a different way to accomplish similar goal without a data plan? Say, an auto-update via text?

(the problem is, she does not always respond to her phone when I call/text; and she enters areas without any data-signal, so even though her exact current location would not be transmitted, at least I’d have a general “search area” to go from if I saw her last coordinates, say, 2 hours ago)

I believe you are correct in that even relaying the phones location to Android Device Manager away from Wi-Fi requires a cellular data plan. An idea has been suggested for something similar:

Allow Android Device Manager to use data on $10 plan

Thanks, that thread and threads/apps that link from it all seem relevant. I’ll continue investigation through those.

Nice find!

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