Locked out of phone

i got an update and used it now it wants a pin number. I have tried several times. I am locked out. I need help.

Hi @jeannies.rh3lnc and welcome to the Community!

I’m afraid it may not be possible for us (or anyone) to help in the way you might hope. Generally, the only way to get past a PIN request if one does not know the PIN is a factory reset. A factory reset will delete all content from your phone. Only that which is already backed up would be restored. Anything not backed up would be lost.

The above said, do you remember setting a PIN when originally setting up your phone? How did you typically unlock your screen before the update? What is the brand, model and generation of the phone in question?


@jeannies.rh3lnc Were you able to get back in to your device?

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