Locked out of Twitter but they no longer sends SMS to RW phone numbers


I have a Twitter account which has been frozen due to “suspicious activity” and in order to get back into my account Twitter want’s me to input a code which they will send me via text message. The phone number that’s linked to my Twitter account is my Republic Wireless number and I’ve actually had this happen to me before, but it appears that Twitter will no longer send text messages to Republic Wireless phone numbers (although they will send to Google Voice phone numbers). There is no way to contact anyone at Twitter on the phone to solve the issue (I have tried). It’s also not possible to solve the issue via email with Twitter because I either don’t have an email address associated with my Twitter account, or I used one which I’ve forgotten and no longer have access.

I don’t want to lose my twitter account, so what I think I need to do is to port my Republic Wireless number to another carrier in order to receive the code and restore my Twitter account, and then port the number back to Republic Wireless. However, I assume that my service line with Republic Wireless would be terminated when I port out and that I would start with a new service line when I port back in, and I don’t want to lose this specific service line with my Republic Wireless account. The service line in question is currently on a Moto G6, and I also have an inactive RW 1st Gen Moto X.

Because I don’t want to lose my specific service line with Republic Wireless, I have come up with a plan to restore my Twitter account that’s a bit more complicated than simply porting out & back in, and so I’m going to post it here for comments. I’m hoping that the Republic Wireless experts can let me know if it will work, or if there is a better way to accomplish my goals.

(1) Activate my Moto X on a new service line with Republic Wireless.

(2) Submit a Ticket to ask Republic Wireless to switch the phone numbers between my Moto X and my Moto G6. I am hoping that they would only switch the phone numbers without switching the service lines but I don’t know if maybe they would switch the service lines, so this is the part where I really need the advice of the Republic Wireless experts to know if my plan will work or not.

(3) Port the phone number from my Moto X from Republic Wireless to Ting.

(4) Do what I have to do with my phone number on Ting to restore my Twitter account.

(5) During steps (3) and (4) I will have my Moto G6 on Republic Wireless (hopefully on my original service line) with a temporary phone number that Republic Wireless will have assigned to me when I activated the Moto X in step (1), so my next step will be to port my original number from Ting back to my Moto G6 on Republic Wireless to replace that temporary phone number.

(6) Assuming that steps (1) through (5) work as planned, my final step would be to update the phone number on my Twitter account to my Google Voice number so that I won’t have to go through this again in the future.

Thanks in advance for any helpful advice.

Hi @grampa,

What is it about the service line you don’t want to lose?

When we swap numbers between a newly activated phone and an existing phone, the service line does not move. So any voicemail and service line discounts, as well as the history of the line (like how long you’ve had it active) are lost.

But… I have good news and bad news for you.

The bad news is that Google Voice won’t accept Republic Wireless numbers.

The good news is that we have a process that allows us to port a number out without canceling the service line. It’s a manual process and available only by request. Once the number ports out, your service line remains active, with a new number.

I’m wondering if @rolandh might be able to help with what you’re needing to do. (He’s not a night owl, so don’t expect to hear from him before tomorrow morning.)

Hi @southpaw,

Thanks for the quick reply.

When you say that the service line does not move, does that mean that it doesn’t move away from the phone, or that it doesn’t move away from the phone number?

That is good new! :grin:
Am I correct in assuming that a opening a ticket would be in order to make such a request?

The service line, with all your history and voicemail, stays put on our servers. If you activated your Moto X and swapped numbers between the Moto X and the existing phone, only the number would move to the new phone. The service line and and its history would now be associated with the new phone number on the existing phone. So I guess what you were trying to accomplish that way would work, since it would be the Moto X whose line you’d be canceling by porting out.

I see you’ve updated your post to change the plan of action to Ting rather than Google Voice, so that takes care of the problem with Google Voice not accepting our numbers.

Yes, it just takes a support ticket to set up the ability to port out without canceling the service line. If you’ll let me know your ticket number. I’ll try to check in on it to be sure our agents understand what you’re asking. It’s a new process so there may be some who aren’t familiar with it, yet.

Good Morning Grampa,

I still see reference to Google Voice in your original post, so I’ll go ahead and confirm I’m understanding correctly.

You need for Twitter to be willing to send what amounts to a two-factor code to your current number on file with them, which is currently your Republic number?

Since Twitter refuses to do so while the number is at Republic, you propose to temporarily transfer the number to Ting, to receive the code needed to unlock your Twitter account?

Once unlocked, you’ll update your number with Twitter to be a different number already with Google Voice?

Having done all that, you’ll transfer your number back to Republic from Ting?

If I’ve got all that right, I expect your action plan will work. I can also attest to the effectiveness of the manual process @southpaw mentions having recently used it myself. The only difference you’ll notice on your Republic service line is a new number assigned when your current number is transferred to Ting. That new number will be replaced upon transferring your current number back from Ting. It’s not guaranteed but, for what it’s worth, my recent experience transferring a number from Republic to Ting and from Ting to Republic was a business day in both directions.

One final question regarding Ting for you. Do you plan to acquire the Ting SIM locally (they’re available at most Best Buy locations) or are you planning to purchase from Ting’s website? If the latter and you haven’t already placed the order, I will private message you some additional detail.

Hi @rolandh,

Yes, your understanding is correct on all points. What you wrote is a little different than the plan of action that I posted, but now that I know that I can port out without losing the service line, that’s the new plan. Thank again to @southpaw for that tip.

That’s good that the port works quickly, hopefully I will get the same quick experience. Although after my Republic Wireless number finishes porting to Ting, I wonder how long it will take Twitter to recognize that it’s a cell number and no longer a wireline number…

The Ting website lists their SIM for $1, but I plan to buy a Ting SIM from Best Buy because even though Best Buy charges $5, the Ting SIM from Best Buy come with a $30 service credit from Ting, which I assume will be more than enough to do what I want to do without spending addition money at Ting.

That’s $1 plus $4 shipping on Ting’s website. I was asking hoping you had noted the SIM available from Best Buy came with $30 credit. I expect the credit will be more than ample for what you wish to do.

Thanks @southpaw,

I will post here to let you know the ticket number when I create one, but I have to acquire a Ting SIM first and right now I’m busy with a bunch of other personal issues, so it might not be for a few weeks from now.

Thanks again.

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