Locked out of Yahoo email after resetting phone - account key issue won't install app

After having a Moto X Pure, the advice I received was to do a hard reset on my phone.
Well I had an account key turned on for security. Now the Yahoo email app won’t install on my phone and I cannot access it from my computer. I’ve been back and forth with Yahoo’s support and they aren’t helping. I’ve tried to use their recovery page but it isn’t working. They claim they added my phone number along with one of my other email addresses as a recovery option, but it doesn’t work. I’ve emailed Yahoo daily and they quit responding a couple days ago. If they can just turn off the account key I can login again, but still no reply to this request. I do all my banking, bill paying, and family emails though Yahoo so this is devastating to me. Someone else have this issue and how was it fixed for you?? Yahoo doesn’t have an 800 number that I can call.

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Yahoo went down hill a few years ago and I would not use them other than a SPAM address
since the news of their hacks Yahoo has put in a few security features in their logins make it a pain in a half to use any mail server that is not it’s app (the only way I currently access my yahoo account and I do find this app to be bloated and only install it from time to time to clear out the SPAM and make sure no one that I been out of contact has try contacting me by that address, since Yahoo is now part of Oath and Verizon own I getting very close to killing the account altogether)

This doesn’t help me fix my account access.

Have you tried using private or incognito mode in your browser to avoid previous history on your computer. Do you remember which email address you used for recovery, or check them all including in spam folders.
I use Yahoo, but fortunately have not had this issue yet. You could also try adding the Yahoo account to your Google (Gmail) app to see if that is allowed.

Yahoo support supposedly added my gmail account as a password recovery method, but every time I tried it says “unrecognized email address”

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I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues with Yahoo (for my junk mail). When I reset my phone to factory default, I was able to use my phone number to get back into my account. It’s really weird that you can’t use your phone or email when they say it’s listed on the account. I really hope that you find a way to get back in!

My husband lost access to his Yahoo account a few months ago and hasn’t been able to get back in since. We’ve tried contacting Yahoo numerous times. Our situation is different since it’s because of an Yahoo/AT&T unmerge. He spent many frustrating hours updating his email address.

I second the idea to consider ditching Yahoo in the long run. In the short run, I do hope you get back in!


Hooray I’m back in! They finally figured out that my gmail account wasn’t added, and now I am back!

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