Locking Discussions to focus on the important things (positive news about us)

According to the survey, Republic Wireless appears to be the leader… has not been Locked

Why would you lock all the discussion groups and questions about your Huawei Ascend 5w promotion. Talk about community are you shutting down the conversation! locked in a few minutes!

Any discussion about the bad promotion “BAM” one way to drive the $10 0mb usage people away!

Hi @markj.6yptfm ,

We are locking discussions in order to point them to Not cool, Republic. (Feedback about the Ascend 5W promotion). This will help us make sure we don’t miss any of the feedback.

Conversations about moderation are against the Community Guidelines, because we don’t want a Community cluttered up with discussions about the Community itself. Please DM me if you have additional moderation questions.

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