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Hello, I’m new to Republic Wireless and have a question. Is there any way to save or “lock” text messages in the Anywhere or Android Messages apps? This is an important feature that I’m used to with other messaging apps and I’d hate to leave it behind.

Hi @Deena,

I don’t believe there’s such a feature, because I can’t even imagine what you’re describing or what it’s purpose would be. Does it prevent you from accidentally deleting it?

There are third-party apps in the Google Play Store that would allow you to back up your text messages, if that helps at all.

Most messaging apps allow you to lock individual text messages. Yes, it is so you don’t delete it, but also so that you can delete a whole thread of messages while only keeping the locked ones. For example, if someone texts you a sweet birthday message and you want to keep it but you don’t want to keep every single message that person sends you. Plus sometimes messages will disappear after awhile. It seems a strange thing to not have in my opinion, but oh well.

Hello @Deena

seeing how republic anywhere looks similar to android messages I believe Republic uses messages code as a base for Anywhere
I do see this as a reasonable feature request that should be put here Official Republic Anywhere Feature Request Thread

although 3rd party testing apps are not officially supported some do work on 3.0 phones using My Choice plans as long as one sets the MMS to use System API in their settings, apps like Chomp and Texta have these setting and have the lock feature (which I haven’t even heard about till today) have been reported to work by others. (though if you run into issues you may have to switch back to Anywhere or Messages for debugging)

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I, too, have been able to lock text messages up through my Moto g3. My new Moto g5+ does not have that option, which I feel is very important. Please find a fix for this problem.

A suggestion…if you wish to store or make record of a text message for whatever reason, you can take a screen shot of the messages and save that image elsewhere. Thats what I see many do.

Thank you very much for your suggestion! Screen shots work and I will use them until I am able to lock text messages again.

I would like to weigh in on this issue too! I just upgraded from the Moto G3 to the Moto G 6 and notice that I cannot lock text messages which is a great feature - one that I hope Republic Wireless will offer again. I used to be able to lock individual messages so that way I could save certain information but I could delete the rest of the string of text messages without losing pertinent information. This feature was available on the Moto G3 through Republic Wireless. what do we have to do to bring this to Republic Wireless is attention and get them working on it?

Republic is not responsible for the software bundled with an Android phone. Google and/or Motorola not Republic is responsible for the functionality (or lack thereof) in the bundled Android Messages client on your new G6.

Republic does offer and therefore is responsible for its optional Republic Anywhere messaging client. You may request the addition of a message locking feature here: Official Republic Anywhere Feature Request Thread.

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