Lockscreen Adware!


Adware showed up on my Moto G4 Plus this morning. When I unlock my phone I get an ad screen that I have to swipe right to get to my home screen. . .every time I unlock my phone! The add is always for an app from the google play store. I think the last app I installed was Apple Music about a week ago and few apps updated overnight. . .screen shot attached.


take a look at the apps you installed via the play store and see if it has the wording
"Contains ads · Offers in-app purchases"
you can do this on the computer just look them up on the google play store
if you do it on your phone
it may say
"Contains ads "
this is some where around the top of the screen to the left in most cases.
start with the latest installed app and work backwards…


Hello @angelas.ifaxbo
@nathanb.puhlyv has some good advice
I looked up the 2 apps I did not instantly recognized in you pic
the Medisafe pill reminder seams legit and should not be the issue
the Blue Light Filter-Night Screen is one I would look into as the reviews are saying lots of ads


Hi @angelas.ifaxbo,

Adding to the discussion since you called out Apple Music as a recently installed app, I very much doubt it is the source of any adware on your phone. Apple sometimes gets maligned among Android users, however, Apple doesn’t do ads for third parties in its own apps.


Thanks everyone! It was the blue light filter app. Problem solved.


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