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when i come to this site and login i have the box remember me checked but i always have to type in my password.i’ve tried changing it and unchecking and checking. this started awhile ago when i downloaded anywhere to my computer and it wouldn’t recognize my password

Hi @nickf.tezg0v,

By this site, do you mean the Community specifically? Or, do you mean Republic websites, generally, particularly the My Account web portal? I ask because for security reasons various Republic websites will force one to sign in again regardless of whether remember me is checked or unchecked. This is intended to protect the security of your account.

There isn’t a reason I’m aware of to believe Republic Anywhere’s computer app recognizing or not recognizing your account password would be the root of the issue. For what it’s worth, I’m not currently, experiencing an issue with Anywhere recognizing my account password or maintaining a connection. Are you still trying to use Anywhere on your computer? If so, is the computer a Mac or a PC? If you wanted to rule Anywhere out, have you tried uninstalling it from your computer?

Finally, perhaps, if we knew a little more about the goal, we would be better able to help. Is your password something complex, therefore, difficult to remember and type repeatedly? Are you using two-factor authentication?

pc, i believe it happened when i installed anywhere on my pc. it would not accept my republic forum, this site. password so i created a new one. so if i uninstall anywhere from my pc and then change my password to this site. it might fix it.

Hi @nickf.tezg0v,

Let’s try something. Are you able to sign into your Republic account here: https://account.republicwireless.com/? Do you see your phone(s) listed there? If so, that’s the password you would want to use for Anywhere on your PC.

Are you then able to sign into the Community using the same account credentials (username and password)?

i went there and my password works. then i uninstalled anywhere from my pc. then over to this site.where i’m still logged in maybe there’s a time on it. i guess all is working.it’s just irritating, passwords. Spasibo.

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Hi @nickf.tezg0v,

I believe the automatic logout on the My Account portal is 4 hours. Generally, I don’t find myself being logged out of the Community or Republic Anywhere. There is also Republic’s Help Center, for which the automatic logout is something longer than 4 hours but I’m uncertain just what the timing is. Again, where Republic logs us out automatically, it’s intended to protect the security of out account information.

it looks like a lot of problems are solved by pulling the plug for ten seconds

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