Lolly360 stopped working

I have a Lolly360 camera that plugs into the USB. When I got my MotoG6, the camera worked just fine. Then I did the security update (to Android 9?) and the camera no longer works. When I plug it in, the app just spins the little circle and never is ready to take a photo.
I have reset to factory defaults, but that didn’t help.

Did you try reaching out to the app developer? Based on their reviews they probably will not answer but they are the only ones that an tell you why it stopped working and give steps. I am willing to bet they have not been updating the app to keep up with Google security updates. It looks like their app’s last app update was February 2018.


I don’t know how to reach the developer. Any thoughts?
On Amazon, they said that it should work under Android 9 but it certainly doesn’t work under MY Android 9.

There is a developer E-mail contact listed for the app in Google Play.


Thanks. Don’t know how I missed that.
Bad news is people have been saying for over a year it doesn’t work under Android9.
Good news is I have an older phone that the camera DOES work with. Just take it with me on trips.
Too bad - I really enjoy the 360 photos.

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